Your Home, Your Heart, Your Sanctuary Free Gift

The concept of Your Home, Your Heart, Your Sanctuary is close to my own heart. As an Intuitive Professional Organiser I’ve helped hundreds of families connect with what’s important to them through their home. While doing this with my clients I was slowly but surely doing it for myself, in my own home, so that I could go out into the world each day, knowing I had a safe sanctuary to go back to at the end of the day.

I truly believe that our home is where our soul lives. Yes it also lives inside us but our home is the place our soul comes to rest at the end of each day. It is the place that nourishes and soothes us, allows us to be truly who we are, with the people we love. The place we can feel every emotion there is, knowing we are safe and accepted.

This philosophy is the at the heart of the free gifts I would like to offer you.

The first free gift is a copy of my ebook Your Home, Your Heart, Your Sanctuary.

Your Home Your Heart Your Sanctuary Free Ebook

In Your Home, Your Heart, Your Sanctuary I share with you my thoughts around each of these three concepts including how:

  • You can truly discover who you are with the help of your home
  • Creating space in your home creates space in you
  • To bring more connection into your home and life by listening to your heart
  • Clutter clearing and space clearing work together on this journey of discovery

The most exciting part I share with you (for me anyway!) is toward the end of the book. It’s here I share with you the “big picture” stuff – that you impact the energy in the space and the energy in the space impacts you. That by working on both aspects we can connect with the heart of our home and use this knowledge to create our own beautiful sanctuary.

As well as the Your Home, Your Heart, Your Sanctuary ebook I’d love to offer you the Connect With Your Heart and Home meditation.

I created this meditation to help you connect with the heart of your home, to gain an understanding of how you can work together to live a more simple, connected life.

The meditation is 18 minutes long, and takes you on a journey to discover what you need your home to give you, so you can live the life you want. Please have a journal and pen on hand so you can write down any thoughts or reflections after you’ve finished it.

As well as these two gifts I will be in touch each week with an article, information about our workshops and other advice and support to help you turn your home into a sanctuary.


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What others are saying about the free gifts

“i loved the ebook and meditation! as i was reading the ebook i was nodding along thinking – yes yes yes this is exactly what i need! your entire concept fits so well with what i have been working on with the tower of my lighthouse – which is all about how all parts of your life should be in aligment with who you are and they should be of service to your light … and of course that should include your sacred spaces, your home!

i think that this is the ultimate act of self-love – to build a life that is a reflection of who you are, of your soul. your words really struck a chord with me. it definitely got me thinking and reflecting and i am sure i will listen to the meditation again and again, knowing there is more insight for me there… it is a very powerful meditation!”

Karen Gunton, The Lighthouse Revolution

“I have a love for clear spaces. I have a need for order, balance, peace and perfection.

If I were to describe my home before listening to Helen’s meditation and reading her ebook Your Home, Your Heart, Your Sanctuary these four needs would not be on the tip of my tongue….

During Helen’s meditation the word that came to me is ‘held’. I want my home to hold clear space for my true self, to be my haven and to hold the girl I was and the woman I am.

The colour that came through during the meditation is ‘white’ which naturally makes sense for me – it represents my love for clear spaces and when I think of my need for order, balance, peace and perfection – white is what I see for clear spaces.

Through reading Your Home, Your Heart, Your Sanctuary, Helen has brought awareness to the areas of heavy energy and energy that is not a representation of my true self.

Life really is too short to not live true to ourselves within our own home. Helen has assisted me in seeing that this is my life right now, and from this place within my life I can make a home out of where I currently live. I can clear the heavy energy and let in my own true energy.”

Leah Wesley-Smith, Not A One Size Fits All Kind Of Girl

“Helen’s book has come along at the right time in my life. I am a mum of 3 young and active boys, and my beautiful girl with high care needs. My home has evolved from a place of peace to a world of fast and action paced activity as my children have grown. As I was reading Helen’s book, while my children played outside, I began to feel sad that my home was no longer my focus to be a peaceful and pleasant place to be. It used to be, but I now realise how much it has become a place to eat and sleep. With all of the excitement of life, my home had become an after thought.

As I read through Helen’s book, she took me through a beautiful journey of finding out what I need from my home. I need more than a home that is functional. I have already achieved this goal, but in the process, the heart has been lost. It’s also not just about clearing out the clutter, as we have a lot of functional clutter, primarily for the needs of our family unity. It’s about finding the heart again. It’s no longer about me, but our family. How do we want to feel, but I know this will come from me. I will be the instigator for change.

As I came to the end of Helen’s book and meditation, I identified the places in my home that have been designed for function and not heart. We need a place that is a sanctuary for me AND my family. I’m thankful to Helen for showing me how to reconnect my home with my heart. The journey has only begun.”

Tennille Graham, Apikali

“That meditation has stuck with me today. I’m focusing the energy colour that came to me specifically today. When I look at the ceiling I see it; and I’m bringing it into my peripheral vision now. To see the aura around me and the house! You are BRILLIANT!!!”

Sherry Trentini, Creating Space

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