Welcome Home – An 8 Week Sanctuary Immersion


As women we know the depth of our own Soul.

And more often than not, we know we’re not showing up with, expressing or owning that depth, to the detriment of our one precious life.

I know that’s what I did anyway

I kept myself hidden for more years than I’d like to admit. 

I showed up in a way that was ‘expected of me’, so the other people in my life could feel good about themselves.

So they could live their happy life all the while putting my own on hold and hiding my own truth. 

Or that’s what I told myself anyway.

And damn if I didn’t get sick of it!

The reality is that by the time I got to “damn I’m sick of it” I was totally over myself. 

  • Totally over how I was showing up
  • Totally over how I chose to make other people’s lives a priority ahead of my own
  • Totally over not connecting with my innate spiritual abilities, which I’d so artfully stuffed down inside me
  • Totally over choosing not to live my life and what I knew to be my truth

Eventually this all became too much and I decided I had to make a change. And more importantly, I had to take things into my own hands. I mean, if I didn’t make the choice to change my ‘totally over it’ state, who would?

And through the process I’ve learnt a few things!

I’ve learnt about the importance of Sanctuary in my life, and discovered all the elements that make Sanctuary whole.

I’ve learnt how to connect with my own truth, to remove the stuffing and live my life.

I’ve learnt how to honour my feminine, my cycles, my clair-abilities, gifting permission to the Spiritual gifts I was born with to guide me home.

That’s why I’d love to invite you to join me in the Welcome Home Circle, so together we can reconnect you with your truth, your Sanctuary, your Spirituality, in a safe, nurturing environment.

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator and Elemental Space Clearer

Welcome Home – An 8 Week Sanctuary Immersion

Reconnects you with your innate Sanctuary and Spiritual wisdom,

And the power and influence Sanctuary can have in your life.

Welcome Home – An 8 Week Sanctuary Immersion is for you if you just know it’s time to

  • Harness the power of Sanctuary in your home, body and life
  • Discover the influence and impact the lunar cycles have on your Sanctuary journey
  • Come home to your Spiritual self in a gentle, nurturing way

You know Welcome Home is for you if you’re more than ready to

  • Reclaim your living-straight-from-the-heart life
  • Repair your relationship with your self, your needs, your dreams and desires by diving deeply with Sanctuary
  • Reestablish a relationship with your home; to create a Sanctuary that nurtures and nourishes you on a Soul level
  • Do deep Soul work by connecting with the Spiritual and the Sacred
  • Work with the lunar cycles and have their support as we journey together
  • Be held in Circle by a group of women on the same nurturing path 
  • Put the excuses, negative self talk and “I don’t have time” aside and do the work

In case you’re wondering, this is not self-care, this is Sanctuary!


“Welcome Home has definitely been a very different experience for me.⁣ Before I began the program, I had allowed circumstances to flatten my love of life and I was ignoring my own needs. After 8 weeks of Welcome Home, I feel happy and at peace. Helen’s program gently and creatively led me to find Sanctuary both within myself and in my home. All the women of Welcome Home brought such a great camaraderie as we traversed each step along the way. Thank you Helen for your powerful, yet gentle creation of Welcome Home!!!”⁣ Mary, Victoria

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator and Elemental Space Clearer

In Welcome Home – An 8 Week Sanctuary Immersion you’ll receive

  • Eight group Immersion Calls, over eight weeks, via Zoom (1-1.5 hours each). Value: $2800
  • A one-hour private, intentional and sacred Coaching Session with me, via Zoom. Value: $397
  • A range of other bonuses to support you on your Sanctuary journey. Value: $188
  • A private Facebook Sanctuary, to retreat to for safety + receive guidance from everyone in Circle. Value: priceless!

If you’re one of the first four Welcome Home Immersion members who book you’ll receive a Get Clear Oracle Card Reading during the Immersion period, valued at $179.

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator and Elemental Space Clearer

Welcome Home Sanctuary bonuses

Sanctuary Through the Chakras

This new way of connecting with Sanctuary guides you on a journey that is truly personal and true for you. By using the Sanctuary Through The Chakras approach you’ll create a solid Sanctuary base in your life that will last for many years to come. Along the way you’ll weed out Sanctuary ideas that simply aren’t a good fit for you, bringing more heart connection with what’s truly important in your life.

Shine Your Light Forward – A Ritual to Release the Past and Embrace the Future

This ritual has been created to help you close out one part of your life and move on to another, particularly if what you want to leave behind has been stressful, traumatic or difficult in some way. It will bring light to your life, love to your heart, and clarity of purpose to your journey.

Dream Your (Solo) Retreat Into Reality

The Dream Your (Solo) Retreat Into Reality has been created for you to plan every aspect of your own retreat – whether it’s at home, a few hours away, a weekend, or something much longer. Over 14 days you’ll truly immerse yourself in your retreat concept and be guided through an Activation process to make it happen.

Create Your Own Sanctuary DIY Kit

Everything you need to get started on your Sanctuary journey, to kickstart the process in your own life and start moving more closely to what Sanctuary means to you. The DIY kit includes six videos, an ebook, stacks of activities + the Sanctuary Discovery Journey mini-course.

Total value of bonuses: $188


“Thank you Helen for the wonderful experience of the 8-week immersion course of ‘Welcome Home’ with a beautiful group of like-minded women. I found it gentle and challenging; nurturing and affirming; powerful and empowering. There was laughter and there were tears. It took me to unexpected and surprising places – on my way ‘home’. I am grateful to you for offering this awe-inspiring program and sharing your knowledge, wisdom and expertise in such a generous and caring way.⁣ Blessings to you.”⁣ Anne, Melbourne

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator and Elemental Space Clearer

Welcome Home March / April 2021 dates

Starts Monday 8 March / Final Week starts Monday 26 April

Welcome Home July / August 2021 dates

Starts Monday 5 July / Final Week starts Monday 23 August




*Approximately US$615 / UK£490

Space in the Sanctuary Immersion is limited to seven.

To secure your place a deposit of $100 is required.

March / April iteration now full

July / August Immersion payment coming soon!

After receiving your deposit, a payment plan tailor made to your needs will be arranged.

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator and Elemental Space Clearer

“I had the most amazing experience doing the Welcome Home experience. Helen’s gentle nature and vast knowledge of many different areas allowed us to explore spiritual areas of our lives. The beautiful group of ladies that were involved provided wonderful support and we formed strong bonds right away, feeling very much at ease to be able to show up as ourselves. I learnt so much and am so grateful I joined in the Welcome Home program.” Brenda Hamilton

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator and Elemental Space Clearer

Not sure if Welcome Home is for you?

Take a moment to sit quietly with your feet flat on the floor. Close down your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and place your hands on your heart.

Sink into your heart. Breathe into it. Draw your energy down from your thinking head into your feeling heart as you breathe. 

Feel that deep connection you have with your Soul, with your truth, no matter how small you feel it is right now.

Once you’re settled into your heart space, ask yourself 

Am I showing up as who I know myself to be?

Am I living the life I truly want, on an energetic level?

Am I as fully connected with my Spiritual side as I’d like?

Gift your heart’s wisdom permission to bubble up and guide you.

When you’re ready open your eyes and if you feel called journal what came to you. It’s the answers to these questions that will guide you forward. From there you’ll know whether Welcome Home – An 8 Week Sanctuary Immersion is for you or not.



When does Welcome Home start, and when does it end?

  • There are two rounds of the Welcome Home Group Immersion in 2021. Monday 8 March – Monday 26 April; Monday 5 July – Monday 23 August.

How long does the course go for?

  • Eight weeks.

What time of day will the group Immersion Calls on Zoom be held?

  • We’re going to decide this as group, but at this stage I’m going with either a Wednesday morning, or 6pm / 7pm one week night, Brisbane time.

I won’t be able to make a few of the live calls. Will the group Immersion Calls be recorded?

  • Yes. That said, if you do join us in Welcome Home I encourage you to show up each week for the group Immersion Calls – it’s where a lot of magic happens! The link to the recordings will be shared in our private Facebook group.

Do you offer refunds?

  • No. This course requires you to do both the inner and the outer work, that’s why all sales are final and non-refundable. If you’re ready to do the work, we’d love to welcome you. If you have any questions feel free to email me at helen@helenjoybutler.com

How do I book in my private 1:1 Coaching Call?

  • Once Welcome Home‘s started I’ll share the link with you to my calendar so you can book yourself in for a time that suits you. You can book in any time during the eight weeks but I recommend you book in sooner than later to receive the most benefit and support from our time together.
Settle in with the Sanctuary Starter Kit today!

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