Creating Sanctuary in the Home with Helen Joy Butler

It’s time.

Time to create a beautiful sanctuary in your own home.

To connect with your internal and external world; to allow both to reignite your inner spark and passion for life.

To bring to life an external reality to match the inner love, compassion and joy you so deserve.

If sanctuary is so far from your home, your body, your life, that you simply can’t take what life has to offer you anymore – or it’s just there beyond your finger tips, ripe for the picking – then it’s time to connect with Sanctuary on your own terms.

How can you explore the concept of Sanctuary more deeply?

There are many options below, including free courses, online courses, Women’s Circles, books, retreats and more.

How you decide to create sanctuary in your Home, Body or Life is unique to you. But having travelled this path for many years I’ve learnt a few tricks along the way – and so hope, through my work, to make your life a little less rocky and chaotic!

The first two places to start when exploring my work – the Manifestos and Sanctuary Inner Circle – are just below. They are both free and will give you a good launching pad for your Sanctuary journey ahead.

To dive deeper with my work you may like to

No matter where you are on your own Sanctuary journey, thank you for being here with me. I look forward to creating sanctuary with you for many years to come!

  • Manifestos

    When I first launched under my own name I created a Manifesto as part of my new approach. This Manifesto was the start of it all really, the one thing that launched all of what I now call my home. But in that time this one Manifesto has grown and now includes three – one for your Home, one for your Body and one for your Life. Pop on over to grab your free copies now.

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  • Sanctuary Inner Circle

    The Sanctuary Inner Circle is the place for you if you’re ready to make a massive difference to the Sanctuary levels in your life, and the lives of those you love.

    It is the place to dive deeply into your own relationship with Sanctuary, and to learn, be supported and cheered on to your own Sanctuary heights, from the comfort of your own home.

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  • Create Your Own Sanctuary DIY Kit

    Moving from who you are now to who you know you can, and want to, be through the concept of sanctuary is a journey of self-discovery. It is one of huge change and self-connection that will allow you to show up in the world in a way that feels right, feels authentic, feels like you.

    Inside the Create Your Own Sanctuary DIY Kit you will find everything you need to get started on your sanctuary journey, to kickstart the process in your own life and start moving ever closer to what sanctuary means to you.

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  • Sanctuary New Moon Women's Circle

    The New Moon is a beautiful time to plant seeds for the future, to create positive change, to manifest your heart’s desires. By connecting monthly, in Circle with other women, we will all move closer to planting seeds, nurturing ourselves and connecting with our dreams – and co-create our own inner and outer sanctuary.

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  • Sanctuary Creators Tribe

    The Sanctuary Creators Tribe has been created to help you bring sanctuary into all aspects of your life.

    To give you a safe place to sit in circle with other women on the same journey.

    To have your own cheer squad and support team encouraging you to reach your full sanctuary potential.

    To help you bring about your own version of sanctuary.

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  • Sanctuary Creators Retreat

    As Oprah says, one thing I know for sure is that when you gift yourself time away on retreat you slowly let go. You slowly release the stress and the worry that you arrived with, and throughout the retreat become calmer, more creative and more connected with who you truly are. Slowly but surely those flat batteries you arrived with start to recharge and you start to rediscover and reconnect with your true essence.

    You have fun. You connect with yourself and other like-minded women – and you return home a new version of you. As someone who has more clarity, more insight, more awareness of how she wants and needs to show up as, in her life, in her home, in her body. Connection. With your true self. It’s that connection, with awareness and clarity, that you will return home with. And a whole heap of new friends.

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  • Elemental Space Clearing®

    Elemental Space Clearing® is a ritual where you actively clear the energy in a space. It is an energetic clearing where you actively choose to shift negative, dense, heavy energies or feelings from a space and replace them with positive, uplifting feelings you want in your home, business and life.

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  • Sanctuary Creators Blog

    Be inspired to bring Sanctuary into your own life through Helen’s weekly Sanctuary musings!

    Learn about the New Moon and how your Sanctuary levels may show up with her energies.

    Read about Helen’s Sanctuary journey and learn practical tips through her lessons.

    Settle in with a cup of tea or glass of wine and gift yourself some Sanctuary while soaking up the Sanctuary learnings.

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  • Sanctuary Books

    Helen is an avid writer (have you checked out her blog??!) and over the years has put pen to paper to publish a variety of books.

    If clutter or paperwork is your problem, there are two books to help you there!

    If you’re just starting out on your Sanctuary journey, then A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Sanctuary is for you!

    If you prefer to cosy up with a journal, The Joy Journal is simply gorgeous!

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  • Joy Burst Cards

    There is so much love, compassion and joy around us each day – if we take the time to notice it!

    This is where the Joy Burst cards come in!

    These lovely little cards are here to help you, and me, reconnect with the simple things in our lives that are here to bring us joy – if only we took the time to connect with them.

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