Why the process to get in the right headspace to do work is just as important as the work itself

August 1, 2019

“The process used to get in the right headspace to do the work is just as important as the work itself.”

I wrote these words in my journal when I was on retreat last year.

I had just done an Akashic Records meditation and was journaling my answers to some questions afterwards, and these words, in part, were what came through.

Take them in for a moment, if you can.

Because in essence what they’re saying is – as a spiritual being having a human experience there is ‘work’ to do to evolve, learn, grow in this lifetime.

But just as importantly, what you do to get yourself in the right frame of mind before you do the work is just as vital.

So let’s break this quote down a little and use an example from my own life.

Writing my next book.

Earlier this year I knew my big professional focus for the year was to write my next book (actually, it’s “books” but one is enough for the moment don’t you think?).

So the ’work’ for me means lots of writing!

If we look at it simply, that means turning on my computer, opening a document, and starting to write.

But what do I need to ‘do’ to get in the right headspace?

I need:

  • discipline
  • courage
  • a strategy
  • a writing focus / plan
  • time
  • an idea of what I need to write about

And probably much much more!

I also need:

  • the right space to work in
  • a beautiful notepad and hardy pen to handwrite and channel the first draft
  • a clear head (ie no headache)
  • nature
  • crystals and essential oils to ground and connect me
  • water, tea, healthy snacks

And probably much much more!

The reality is that some days the ‘process’ is more daunting than the ‘work’.

But if I have systems in place to help make the process easier from a practical perspective, then the work can actually get done.

One small step at a time.

All good things were built one small step at a time, with a process used to get the work done which thinks about all aspects of achieving it – so in essence, what is needed on a practical, emotional AND spiritual level to reach the goal and complete the ‘work’?

For those of us living a highly spiritual life, the ‘work’ is often unseen by most; a journey only we can take, to shift us to the next level. And the next, and the next.

We may be lucky to have support around us for the times when things get tough, or we may not. Either way though, we know the ‘work’ is a necessary part of our evolution.

It takes A LOT of resilience, internal strength and focus to walk this path – please don’t ever underestimate that.

And never underestimate the rewards at the end of the cycle, because we both know they’re there and are SO worth it!

Inside this journal’s pages are the words I now need to dive back into, to add, adjust, expand on the wisdom within.

I wrote these words back in March and April and have left them to settle and energise ever since.

I re-read them a month ago and thought “Wow Helen, that’s not bad!”. But there’s more work to be done, and now I’m ready for the next stage of the process to begin.

With much love,

Helen xx

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Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator, Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner and #HSP Warrior


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