Where’s your vibration at?

July 15, 2021

I was reminded recently that people can only meet your vibration where they’re at.

Meaning: we all have unique energetic signatures and vibrations – no two are the same.

And because of this people relate to us:

At their level


At a level they ‘remember’ us being at


From a level they *want* us to be at

In every moment / experience / connection we get to choose our vibration.

And in every moment / experience / connection we get to choose the outcome.

Yes, even when the sh*t’s merrily hitting the fan we STILL get to choose!

How do we do that?

By taking a pause, a breath, a moment, to bring awareness to what’s happening right in front of us.

And within that pause / breath / moment deciding how to move forward.

So in that moment – where my vibration was totally different to the person I was connecting with – and in the pause, where awareness landed – I intentionally chose love, kindness, compassion, respect, empathy. My hope is that was how my words ‘landed’ but I’m not entirely convinced …

It’s in this moment I gift myself permission and acknowledge that there’s nothing I can do about how people ‘receive’ my vibration.

What’s most important is that I’m consistent in my kindness, compassion, love, respect, empathy and more for other people and myself … because I know.

And that means everything.

With much love,

Helen xx

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator, Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner and #HSP Warrior


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