Reading The Signs From The Universe – Sharing An Example With You From My Own Life

February 6, 2020

Do you know how to read signs from the Universe?

You know, those little messages from your spirit team that help point you in the right direction in all sorts of areas of your life?

Many of us are too stuck in our heads to even notice these super subtle signs. But if you get present enough – and importantly out of your head and into your heart – you’ll notice them all the time!

Yes it takes practice but once you start to bring your awareness back into your body you’ll see them for sure!

Here’s a little example that happened to me recently!

On Christmas Day I started reading This Trip Will Change Your Life: A Shaman’s Story of Spirit Evolution by Jennifer Monahan. In the book Jennifer shares her personal story of living in San Francisco, travelling to Mexico on holiday, her spiritual growth and experiences while there, and owning her true Shamanic nature.

This dear reader was Sign #1!

On Boxing Day I went to a yoga class and had an instructor I’ve never had before – a lovely Brazilian lady who’d just returned to Australia after five weeks at home in Brazil.

Yep, you guessed it – there’s Sign #2!

And not long after that, while on Facebook, I saw footage of stunning rainbow mountains in Peru.

And there we have it!

Three signs in three days, all pointing to one thing.

South America.

The next logical question to ask is … What do these signs mean?

About three years ago I went through a phase of really wanting to visit South America; specifically Machu Picchu. But at the time there weren’t any signs suggesting that the timing was right. Plus from a practical point of view, South America is a loonnnggg way from Australia and some saving to make the trip happen would be in order.

But there was a knowing in my heart that I was drawn to that part of the world. A knowing that had been there for more years than I could remember.

And so now, as I step into my 50th year on Earth – and importantly, in search of something special to do to celebrate it – I’ve had the destination appear without any pushing at all!

But the question is – What does that look like, once I’m there? Is it a retreat, or the typical tourist trip, or something entirely different?

How knows!

But in the meantime I wait.

And I trust.

And I stay open.

To see what other signs appear.

So the question is – How can you take this story from my life and use it to see the signs in your own life?

You may not be called to travel to South America – and the signs right in front of you are probably not pointing that way anyway! – but there are signs there, I can tell you that right now!

Signs that relate to your work or your family; your health or your routine; foods that are nourishing for you and clothes that make you feel good. And pretty much nearly anything else you can think of!

But you won’t receive signs on all of these at once – there’ll be specific signs about a specific thing (or two) in your life. Like my signs, all suggesting I travel to South America – and me thinking that might be a lovely thing to do for my 50th.

There are signs everywhere! You just have to be attuned to see them. And you will, with practice. I invite you to get started stat!!

With much love,

Helen xx

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator, Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner and #HSP Warrior


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