How a mindset shift may be what it takes to get you to where you want to be

July 2, 2020

I caught up with a friend recently for hot chocolate and a chat, and the topic of “routine versus ritual” came up.

My friend shared that she’d realised she had a lot of routine in her life, but was lacking in ritual.

Real ritual that made her heart and soul sing.

Real ritual that helped shift her toward her truth.

Real ritual that connected her with her purpose in this lifetime.

After a while I shared that I used to feel a little the same about Sanctuary and all it meant to me.

Because at one stage in my life – in what feels like many years ago now but in reality probably isn’t – I felt that many of my Sanctuary practices were secret.

And because of that I hid them away from the world, ashamed of what others would think about me *if* I was to share my truth.

But over time I came to a MASSIVE realisation.

That what I felt was “secret” was in fact “sacred”.


And that BECAUSE it was sacred, keeping it ‘secret’ wasn’t in fact an issue at all.

Many of you would remember as well that a few years ago I wrote a lot about the concept of Highly Sensitive People.

This was when my Inner Child *seriously* needed to be heard – and so I let her go for it! Because I knew it would heal us both + she had some serious wisdom to share!

On our journey together, my Inner Child and I discovered that we didn’t like the word “Sensitive” at all – and in turn changed it to “Aware”.

We felt that being a Highly Aware Person encompassed some of those gifts that came through in our Sacred work.

Some of those gifts that have a right to be ‘secret’.

Some of those gifts that have brought me here today.

I also know this shift in mindset, from

  • routine > ritual
  • secret > sacred
  • highly sensitive person > highly aware person

has helped other people.

Another friend shifted her focus from Health to Wellness – and guess what happened? Beside the mindset shift she was able to make small gains towards her own version of wellness.

So no matter what your ‘thing’ is, I’d like to invite you today to think about where your energy is going – and in turn, if a small mindset shift is needed to make your focus more heart felt.

Because that’s what we’re after!

A life that connects straight from the heart to our inner truth!
I know the mindset shift did wonders for me in the secret / sacred department. Perhaps it will help you too?

Let me know how you go.

With much love,

Helen xx

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator, Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner and #HSP Warrior


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