Do you have an Angel in your life?

March 26, 2020

Do you have a real life Angel in your life?

I have two.

My bookkeeper Bec, who I’m always calling Angel Bec. She makes things SO easy for me and never makes me feel like any question I ask is too small or ridiculous.

And my hairdresser Libby, who also moonlights as a nurse.

Libby’s in her early 60s and has been a hairdresser her whole life. A few years ago Libby took herself off to University to study nursing, and now she balances (juggles??) the two.

Libby’s also an incredibly wise, spiritual woman. We’ve had conversations you wouldn’t believe – as I’m sure many other clients have had with her as well.

I always leave Libby’s salon with a full, happy Soul, because I’ve had the opportunity to spend a few hours in the company of Libby, the other hairdressers who work there, and the salon space that energetically supports the ‘real’ work they do (trust me, that salon supports more spiritual growth than *most* other places I know).

When I was at the salon recently I was sharing with Libby about my braces and the journey I’ve had with them so far (it had only been a week at this stage!).

Libby listened carefully to what I was saying / moaning about, and then with kindness and wisdom in her eyes said:

“Helen, remember how powerful you are?! That healing you did on me was incredible. We’re all being called right now to be our own healers, so if you’re not busy tomorrow take yourself off to bed, drink double the amount of water you’d normally drink, around five litres, and do some healing on yourself. Then if you need to see someone else, do it. But heal yourself first.”

I told you we had some interesting conversations!

So that’s what I did, the day after my hair appointment.

After a meeting, and hanging out the washing (crossing my fingers the rain would hold off until it was dry!), I took myself off to bed, with Elvis by my side, a glass of water and notes from a meeting I’d had that morning (again, not your ‘normal’ meeting so it didn’t feel like work!).

Radical self care?


I don’t think it really matters what we call it – all I know is that Libby’s words rang true to me yesterday so today I’m following suit.

My advice to you from all of that?

You don’t always have to listen to what someone says to you.

BUT if what they’re saying is coming from a place of truth and wisdom for your highest good perhaps take notice.

Maybe, just maybe, Libby was the conduit for a message from my Guides that I wasn’t hearing myself?

These messages are shared with us for a reason. The question is – are you listening closely enough to hear them?

With much love,

Helen xx

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator, Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner and #HSP Warrior


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