“We loved having Helen as the host for our recent business lunch in Brisbane. She is a confident, warm and engaging presenter and I love the energy she brings to the room!” Peace Mitchell, co-owner of the AusMumpreneur Network

Helen Joy Butler, Sanctuary Creator - Speaker

Helen is a teacher and educator at heart – literally. Having taught at all levels of education Helen has the ability to share wisdom which connects with her audience and provides real learning experiences. Through her message – that Sanctuary on a practical and spiritual level helps sensitive , aware souls thrive – Helen empowers women to create change by following their inner knowing and wisdom.

In her first business, Clutter Rescue, Helen worked with her clients to declutter and organise their homes, and educated many more through her blog, online courses and workshops. While operating Clutter Rescue Helen spoke at conferences and to businesses and networking groups, sharing practical ways to organise and declutter the home, instructional/educational design, website design and social media strategy.

Helen knows that the physical clutter in a home affects the energy in the space. She sees a strong link between the two – that the energy in the space affects the people who live there, and that they in turn affect the energy in their home. Helen speaks to groups about the physical and energetic clutter in a space and how clutter clearing and space clearing helps remove this dense energy, helping the home or business owner feel in flow and live more authentically.

Helen shares her own stories openly, honestly and with warmth and compassion, with the intention of helping other intuitive, spiritual women step fully into who they are.

As well as being highly sensitive herself, Helen is a parent of a highly sensitive, aware Child. She has a passion for changing the parenting paradigm, to allow our aware children to grow in a way that helps them step fully into their Super Power. By giving these children a space to shine and thrive Helen believes that highly aware children will grow into adults who fully claim who they know they are at their core, creating a better world for us all.

Please contact Helen directly for speaking and workshop requests, to share a little about yourself and your speaking event, and to request her speaker kit.

Helen Joy Butler - Speaking at AusMumpreneur Conference 2017
Helen Joy Butler - Sensitivity Is A Gift - Women In Focus Real Stories

Groups Helen has presented to

Palm Lakes Resort - Helen Joy Butler, Speaker
Happy Mama with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz
Simone & Friends logo
Women In Focus Real Stories Event - Brisbane 2018 - Helen Joy Butler - Your Sensitivity Is A Gift
Helen Joy Butler - speaking


“I thoroughly enjoyed Helen Butler’s presentation at the recent AusMumpreneurs Conference. Helen speaks with openness and sincerity and has the ability to really engage with her audience. She is extremely knowledgeable on her topic and provides practical tips that everyone can relate to. She leaves her audience inspired and motivated to make changes to their lives. I would highly recommend attending a presentation by Helen or considering her as a speaking for your next event.” Susan Pearse, co-owner of Mind Gardener and Hay House Author

“Helen was a terrific speaker! Well organised, enthusiastic, amusing and she engages the whole audience, which ranged in age from people in their twenties to those rather more ‘mature’ years. All enjoyed her talk, well paced and supported with excellent use of visuals. And everyone appreciated the little gift she provided to everyone who attended. What a nice touch Helen! It’s a pleasure to highly recommend Helen as a presenter and speaker.”

Dr Ann Stewart, President, Brisbane Branch, Graduate Women Qld. Inc.

“We loved having Helen as the host for our recent business lunch in Brisbane. She is a confident, warm and engaging presenter and I love the energy she brings to the room!”

Peace Mitchell, co-owner of the AusMumpreneur Network

“I’ve heard Helen speak twice now. I had a strong church upbringing and so have traditionally been quite closed minded in my thinking. When I first heard Helen talking about chakras my conservative brain started to ring alarm bells but something about her piqued my interest. The second time I heard her speak I had an open mind and heart and realised I can still experience spirituality in my own way. Helen’s words, calm and heart of generosity truly resonated with me. I have walked away with some practical and meaningful ways to help me find my true peace and calm in my everyday walk of life. Helen is a speaker, facilitator and mentor with a difference who will guide you to your own inner sanctuary, whatever your beliefs.”

Kristina Cornelius

“Helen is that rare combination of practical and spiritual. She brings together the knowledge of how to get the space you’re in more aligned and organised, along with the insight into what might be going on inside too. I love her approach to it all – and have not only seen how it has helped so many of the women I coach and work with, but in my own life too. Sanctuary is now one of my favourite words!” 

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, Editor and Creator of Happy Mama Magazine

“Thank you Helen, your story of your journey to be your most authentic self in business and in life is so inspiring. I love how you shared the challenges you went through and how they led you to find more love, confidence and authenticity in yourself. We all need to create time for #31daysofsanctuary” Peace Mitchell, AusMumpreneur co-founder

“Thank you for such an awesome talk.” Cinzia

“Your story was incredibly powerful and moving Helen. Thank you for your courage, vulnerability and generosity in sharing it with us.” Katrina

“I loved listening about your journey.” Antoinette

“I loved your speech! It encouraged me to be me and to tell myself I was enough. Thank you for reminding me in all the business to stop and think.” Laura

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