Without the Answer to this One Question I won’t do an Elemental Space Clearing®

July 23, 2020
Elemental Space Clearing® green light quote

I was speaking with a client about her Elemental Space Clearing recently and said “I’ve asked your house for permission to do the Clearing and it said ‘Yes’”.

Weird question? Maybe! But not in my world OR in the work I do!

You might be wondering why I asked this question, and in turn why I shared the answer with my client. This is why.


It’s polite!

I mean, I wouldn’t just walk into your home and settle in on the sofa without your permission would I? That would be rude, invasive, unacceptable on so many levels.

Polite = respect in my books, and thus why “May I please do a Clearing on this home?” is the first thing I ask.

What if I get a “No” or a “Yes but”? Keep reading!

It gives the house a say in the process.

Many people feel that when they go house hunting *they* choose a house, but I actually believe that a house chooses its owner / tenant.

It’s like the soul of the home syncs / feels into / sees the soul of the prospective owner / tenant – and in turn chooses the right people to live under its roof, knowing it can provide the experiences the owner / tenant needs while living there.

So in other words, the house has a soul – and therefore it should have a say in what happens!

There’s a lot of history in the house and on the land, and that must be respected.

Most houses (unless it’s brand spanking new) have had previous tenants, and all land has had previous occupants.

These occupants, in turn, have left imprints in / on the house, and / or on the land (even the builder, contractors etc who built your new home!).

By asking permission to clear the home, and receiving that “Yes”, lets me know that whatever I find, and need to find, through the Clearing is being supported by the home, the land and those in spirit.

Does a “Yes” mean the Clearing will be smooth and easy, with no energetic debris, or heaviness, or challenges while I clear it?

Absolutely not.

I’ve come across some heavy duty stuff in the work I do (this is why some things are best left to the professionals).

What it does mean though is that I have permission to clear the home, and that the current and previous home and land owners are ok with me working there.


“Yes” means we’ve got the green light. This gives the client peace of mind, knowing she’s made the right decision.

“No” or “Yes but” means if this Clearing is to go ahead there’s going to be a little more preliminary work needed first.

And that’s super important for my client to know. Because it tells us both that we need more information before moving on, either from my client on why she wants a Clearing OR from the home and / or land on what’s going on OR both.

Once I’ve got to the bottom of it (often with some serious witchy magic 😉 ) I’ll ask the property the question again and move forward from there.

Have I ever had a second “No” or “Yes but”?


This brings me back to what I said right at the start on the importance of respect.

Respect for the history of the home and land.

Respect for my client.

Respect for the work I do and the impact it will have on my client, the home and the land, retrospectively and into the future.

So that’s why I ask “May I please do a Clearing on this home?”.

Because the reality is that this one answer guides the whole process – and without it a Clearing just wouldn’t happen.

Keen to explore how Elemental Space Clearing may work for you? Just head over here.

With much love,

Helen xx

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator, Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner and #HSP Warrior


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