Distance And In Home Space Clearing And The Benefits Of Each – Space Clearing Process Part 3

March 10, 2016

Helen Joy Butler - Space clearing tools

If you’ve ever thought about Space Clearings you might be wondering:

What benefits would I see by having a Space Clearing in my home?

Could a Space Clearing benefit my business?

What’s the difference between a Distance Space Clearing and an In-Home or In-Business Space Clearing?

Are Distance Space Clearings even possible?

This is what I’d like to talk about in this final article on Space Clearing. If you’d like to read the other two articles in this series please visit Space Clearing Is Just Waving A Smudge Stick Around Right? and Space Clearing Intentions, Altars and Anchoring Energy.

Distance Space Clearing

When I do a Space Clearing I can do a Distance or In-Home/In-Business Space Clearing.

When I’ve mentioned both options I’ve been asked “How far away can you perform a Distance Space Clearing Helen?”. My answer is – either across the street or across the other side of the world.

A gorgeous friend of mine lives in Canada. She moved back home after living in Australia for a few years and has lived in her current home for around six months. Last year I offered to do a Distance Space Clearing on her home as I knew she was having some settling-in issues after recently purchasing the home.

What I asked my friend to do (and what I get everyone to do for me, no matter which kind of Space Clearing we do) was to draw me a floor plan of her home. Architecture plans don’t cut it – I need the hand-drawn floor plans as they have her energy imprinted in them.

While my friend was drawing her floor plans and sending them to me, I was doing a meditation and intuitive reading with oracle cards that I use for my clients. In the meditation and reading I was drawn to use certain crystals in her altar and had a good feeling about the energy in different parts of her home (yes, I really do tap into the home’s energy, even though we live so far away).

Distance Space Clearing Altar and Tools

After I created the altar and had my friend’s hand-drawn floor plan I was able do the Distance Space Clearing. This is done over the hand-drawn floor plan, with the altar and Space Clearing tools beside me. All up the clearing took over an hour and, from this, I could share with my friend the energies I picked up in the home and some suggested steps forward.

In-Home/In-Business Space Clearing

The process of clearing a home or business includes the process I use when doing a Distance Space Clearing as well as a clearing on the property.

I still ask the client to draw me their floor plan (I usually collect this at our consultation), bring it home and do a Distance Space Clearing over the floor plan after I’ve created their altar. The only difference is that I then pack up the altar and my Space Clearing tools, take them to the client’s home or business, and do the clearing there as well.

So with this process the client gets the benefit of having two Space Clearings – an ideal way to activate the energies they’re looking for!

One thing I do need to say is that throughout the Space Clearing process I am definitely going to burp. I know that sounds rude but it isn’t meant to be! This is my way of shifting the energies from the space and is, ultimately, a really good thing!

What are the benefits of having a Space Clearing?

In any Space Clearing, the goal is to remove the negative, dense, heavy or stagnant feelings and energies from the space, and bring in or activate the positive feelings and emotions you are looking for.
If we look at the positive feelings and emotions you might want in your home or business, these include – Joy, Love, Peace, Vitality, Clarity, Courage, Acceptance and Strength.

Think about these feelings and emotions for a while. Think about your home, who lives there, how they feel on a daily basis, and whether some of these emotions would help them do what they need to do each day.

I know you can choose some of these without thinking too hard about it. I know you know in your heart which ones would benefit you and your family, and perhaps if you’re running a business you can see which ones would benefit you, your staff and your clients.

Benefits of Space Clearing a home include:

  • reclaiming balance in your life
  • bringing peace, harmony and connection into your home and life
  • connecting you with your home so that together you can achieve your goals
  • bringing in positive energies to different areas of your home, to support and nurture each person who spends time there (for example, you could activate certain energies in a lounge/living room, a master bedroom or teenager’s room, to support the people who spend time in each)

Benefits of Space Clearing an office or business include:

  • increasing energy and focus in your staff
  • establishing a supportive environment where people can openly share their ideas
  • clarity around the future and direction of the business
  • creating an environment clients and visitors want to spend time

Individual homes and businesses will discover specific benefits to them. For example, one client whose home I did a Space Clearing on found that over a three or four month period her goals became clearer and she was able to remove things from her life that no longer served her. (In fact, I think this has happened for nearly every client I’ve done a Space Clearing for!!).

There is more to the Space Clearing process that I use than I’ve outlined here, and the benefits you receive in your home may vary, but I’m hoping these three articles have helped you gain a better understanding of the process. If you’re interested in having a Space Clearing done in your home or business please visit this page to find out more.

I’d love to know – can you see how Space Clearing could benefit you and your family or business? Does the idea of a Distance or In-Home/In-Business Space Clearing interest you? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

To book in your own Space Clearing please visit this page or contact me.

With much love,

Helen xx

Helen Joy Butler - Intuitive Professional Organiser and Elemental Space Clearer



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