Spacing Clearing Intentions, Altars and Anchoring Energy Space Clearing Process – Part 2

March 3, 2016
Helen Joy Butler - Space clearing tools

I’ve had many conversations this week with people about the process of Space Clearing and they are completely fascinated by it! Many hadn’t even heard about Space Clearing but definitely knew about other energy work like reiki and kinesiology and were keen to learn more.

I love this because I am super excited about Space Clearing and know that it truly does make a difference to you, your home, your life!

Last week I wrote about what Space Clearing is (and isn’t), how to know if your home or business needs a Space Clearing and specific times you might like to consider doing a Space Clearing. To read that article please visit here.

Today I’d like to go a bit deeper into Space Clearing, specifically the concept of intentions, anchoring the energies of the Space Clearing and the gorgeous altar that helps anchor all of these intentions throughout the clearing.

Space Clearing, Intentions and Anchoring Energy

This is what makes Space Clearing so much more than just waving a smudge stick around!

As I said last week, waving a smudge stick around will definitely clear the space but by holding strong intentions during the clearing you will find the impact of your clearing is much stronger.

Let me give you an example.

One of my clients purchased a new home. The home itself wasn’t new as many people had owned it prior to her and her family moving in, but it was new to my client and her family. My client was doing extensive renovations on the home before moving in so we did a Space Clearing once the renovations were completed and they had just moved in.

When I met with the client she told me that her intentions were to remove stagnant, heavy energy from the home which she felt was there from the previous owners, and bring in calm, connection, resilience and confidence for her and her family.

When we performed the Space Clearing Ceremony I said intentions at the altar to support the positive energies she wanted to bring into her home. I say these intentions out loud and ask the client to help anchor these intentions by holding them in her heart and hands while I said them. By saying these intentions over the altar it is able to anchor and hold the energies and intentions we hope to activate during the Space Clearing Ceremony, making the clearing so much more powerful.

When we went from room to room to clear each space we did mudras (physical body movements) to dispel the negative energies we knew were present and then activated the new energies she wanted instead. At all times during the clearing – no matter which room we were in, no matter what stage of the Ceremony we were at, my client and I always held the intentions she wanted – those of calm, connection, resilience and confidence.

Space Clearing Altar

The Space Clearing Altar, to me, is one of the most sacred parts of the entire Space Clearing process. I absolutely love creating them and find that even if I use the same crystals for different client’s altars they always look and feel different!

This altar is the one we used for the client I’ve just mentioned.

Space Clearing Altar

You will notice a few things.

Firstly the colour of the altar cloth.

When I meet with a client we choose the altar cloth that we think best suits their intentions. The colour yellow means heightened expression, freedom, joy, clarity of thought, organisation and attention to detail. It also stimulates the intellect and aids communication. I remember that for this Space Clearing my client and I were tossing up between yellow and another colour for the altar cloth but the client felt yellow best suited her intentions (and so did I!).

The second thing you might notice are the different crystals I used on the altar. I love using crystals for altars as I can use different ones to help support the client’s intentions. Different Space Clearing Practitioners use different items on their altars, including fresh flowers and small ornaments or imagery to support the client’s intentions and what they, as a practitioner, know will be best for their client.

In this altar I used a large rose quartz candle holder, a celestite (the beautiful blue crystal in the middle), clear quartz, tourmaline and citrine. Also on the altar are the Space Clearing Tools we used for this clearing – a beautiful gong and wind chime (you can hear what it sounds like here – it’s just beautiful).

I have created many altars and wanted to share some of them with you so that you could get a good feel for how different each of them feels.

Space Clearing Altar
Space Clearing Altar
Space Clearing Altar
Space Clearing Altar

As you can see there is a little bit more to the process I use for Space Clearing than just waving a smudge stick around!

Next week I will share my final article with you on the Space Clearing process. In it I will be talking about the difference between a Distance and In-home Space Clearing and the benefits to performing Space Clearing in your home or business.

I’d love to know – have you ever done a Space Clearing in your home? If so have you thought strongly about the intentions you are activating while doing it? If it feels right I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

To book in your own Space Clearing please visit this page or contact me.

With much love,

Helen xx

Helen Joy Butler - Intuitive Professional Organiser and Elemental Space Clearer


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