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What I do each day to clear my energy field

March 19, 2020
Helen Joy Butler Clearing my energy field quote

Each morning I do something to clear my energy field, feel into the sacred geometry within and around me, to set myself up for the day. ⁣⁣


To create a clear energetic container for my body; to ground myself; to remove any energetic debris in my field; and of course to feel good!⁣⁣

Today I used sage, but I don’t always. ⁣⁣


Is It Safe To Use Abalone Shells When Smudging?

November 28, 2019

A few weeks ago we had a conversation in our private Elemental Space Clearing® group about abalone shells and smudging.

I’m a mentor for the group and am often answering questions or providing support as well as learning from the depth of knowledge from other practitioners and students.

One of our lovely members asked a question about abalone shells – and what followed was a really interesting conversation about abalone shells and the role they play in Elemental Space Clearing®.

This conversation was the momentum I needed to write this article and answer the question –

Is It Safe To Use Abalone Shells When Smudging?


How can you energetically set up your office so it supports you to do the work you’re here to do?

September 6, 2018

Helen Joy Butler - Office Elemental Space Clearing® quote

Have you ever wondered if your office or workspace is set up the right way for you?

And importantly, if it energetically supports you to do what you need to do when you’re in it?

Many of us know a little about Feng Shui and the concept of having your back to the door – which is a huge no-no! I remember having an office years ago, where the only way to sit was with my back to the door. I felt super uncomfortable with it and so went searching for energetic ways to improve how I felt in the space. At the time the advice I found was to put a mirror on the wall, which sat at about eye height and which I could look into easily. This small addition to my workspace did help me feel more comfortable. Glancing into it like a rear view mirror on a car, I was able to see what was going on behind me. It worked a treat!

I know you’ve felt this intuitively. That if you have your back to the door you feel a unprotected and / or unsupported. You may not have been consciously aware that this was the reason why, but something inside of you said “this doesn’t feel right” – and my guess is that you either did something about it OR nothing about it, deciding to ignore that inner voice and plugging along anyway.

So how does this relate to your office?

Let me share a story with you.


Distance And In Home Space Clearing And The Benefits Of Each – Space Clearing Process Part 3

March 10, 2016

Helen Joy Butler - Space clearing tools

If you’ve ever thought about Space Clearings you might be wondering:

What benefits would I see by having a Space Clearing in my home?

Could a Space Clearing benefit my business?

What’s the difference between a Distance Space Clearing and an In-Home or In-Business Space Clearing?

Are Distance Space Clearings even possible?

This is what I’d like to talk about in this final article on Space Clearing. If you’d like to read the other two articles in this series please visit Space Clearing Is Just Waving A Smudge Stick Around Right? and Space Clearing Intentions, Altars and Anchoring Energy.

Distance Space Clearing

When I do a Space Clearing I can do a Distance or In-Home/In-Business Space Clearing.


Spacing Clearing Intentions, Altars and Anchoring Energy Space Clearing Process – Part 2

March 3, 2016
Helen Joy Butler - Space clearing tools

I’ve had many conversations this week with people about the process of Space Clearing and they are completely fascinated by it! Many hadn’t even heard about Space Clearing but definitely knew about other energy work like reiki and kinesiology and were keen to learn more.

I love this because I am super excited about Space Clearing and know that it truly does make a difference to you, your home, your life!

Last week I wrote about what Space Clearing is (and isn’t), how to know if your home or business needs a Space Clearing and specific times you might like to consider doing a Space Clearing. To read that article please visit here.

Today I’d like to go a bit deeper into Space Clearing, specifically the concept of intentions, anchoring the energies of the Space Clearing and the gorgeous altar that helps anchor all of these intentions throughout the clearing.

Settle in with the Sanctuary Inner Circle + the Five Days To Sanctuary Challenge

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