Your Sanctuary Language during Spring – Where should your focus be?

September 24, 2020

With the move into Spring – my favourite season! – I’ve been reflecting on the Sanctuary Languages and how to make the most of them during this time of year.

So I sat down with the Sanctuary Languages, a crystal or two and my spirit team, and dove in with the question

What should each Sanctuary Language focus on as they move into Spring?

{Before you move on, you need to know your Sanctuary Language. If you don’t know it already, head over here to find out.}

Right, let’s go!

These are the four Sanctuary Languages. Once you know yours scroll down to see where your energies should be flowing as we step into and through Spring.

Sanctuary Language - Quiet Solitude - Helen Joy Butler
  • Time to wake up from your winter solitude
  • What does moving out of your winter solitude space / feeling look like for you?
  • Open the windows in your home and heart
  • Awaken your body through movement that feels good to you
  • Re/evaluate where you want to see your life blossom / bloom this season
  • Reinvigorate your sacred space/s with blooms / flowers, a good clean / declutter and freshen up
  • Check your routine and make space for new and / or existing practices – revitalise the practices you know lift your heart
  • Look into a new course, hobby, practice to enhance your current practices
Sanctuary Language - Physical Activity - Helen Joy Butler
  • Where did your physical activity slip during winter?
  • What do you want to make time for, to enhance your physical wellbeing during spring?
  • Look at your diet and make any changes you need
  • Book in that check up, the appointment, the practitioner who can help the niggling issue/s in your body
  • Make changes around your home to help support your physical activity, to make it easier on a daily basis
  • Look through your exercise clothes and equipment – what’s seen better days? What needs organising and / or some TLC? Get your systems in place!
  • Look at your physical activity. What do you love? What could you do more of? What really isn’t floating your boat any longer? Make the changes!
Sanctuary Language - Connection and Collaboration - Helen Joy Butler
  • What connection and collaboration’s been missing from your life during winter (and Covid)?
  • What’s your heart yearning for?
  • Create space in your home and life for connection. That may be setting up a video conference once a month with friends. It may be diarising once a week for charity work. It may be time each day to check in with friends, family or colleagues about the project you’re working on. Either way, you need to create space for them, so how / where can you do that?
  • Read, research, dive into the passion area that’s calling you.
  • Join a new group, to expand your horizons and connect with new people
Sanctuary Language - Creativity - Helen Joy Butler
  • What would you like to create this Spring? What’s really calling you?
  • What do you need to dust off from winter, to create space for more creativity?
  • What’s your heart asking you to create? This can be different to what you ‘think’ you should create!
  • Make space in your home for your favourite creative pursuit
  • How can your body help you be creative? Does it need a detox, to dance, a massage, a clean diet, fun clothes, something else?
  • Open up your diary and schedule creativity. This may be a once a week activity, a weekend class, an exploratory trip next year. Whatever it is, diarise it and / or let the Universe know this is something you want to receive please!
  • What creative pursuits are calling you? If you’ve never done it before, start researching! If you know how to do it already, get started, or at the very least look at what connecting with it looks like moving forward this season.

Let me know what’s coming up for you in the comments.

Enjoy your journey!

With much love,

Helen xx

PS If you’d like to dive more deeply with your Sanctuary Languages and lots more I invite you to join us in Welcome Home: An 8 Week Sanctuary Immersion. Just head over here for all the details.

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator, Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner and #HSP Warrior


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