Why this ritual isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

May 7, 2020

I had something a little unusual drop into my awareness recently, around rituals.

I was out walking Elvis the dog and for some reason I started thinking about baths.

Having a bath.

Soaking in the bath.

I certainly wasn’t craving a bath at the time, but there I was, walking the dog and thinking about baths.

And from that came the thought ‘Do you really like baths Helen?’.

And so I thought about that for a bit – and the whole process I go through to have a bath.

  • The first thing I do is put the plug in the tub, add some Epsom salts, and turn on the tap.
  • The second thing is to find a candle, light it, and sit it on the edge of the bathtub.
  • The third thing is to decide whether I want some essential oils or crystals in the water, or some music playing, and if so go find them and add them to the tub / turn on the music.
  • The final part, of course – once there’s enough water in the bath – is to strip off and get in.

But guess what came to me the other day on my walk?

I realised that out of all of these steps, the one I liked the least was the final one – getting in the tub!

What the???

Given the WHOLE purpose of having a bath is to, well, have a bath – so what’s going on here?

I mean I have everything going for me when it comes to anything involving water.

Scorpio? Tick

Swimmer? Tick

Water calms me? Tick!

But as I walked Elvis I realised that the *real* part of the whole process that I truly loved was the ritual leading up to the bath.

  • Adding bath salts to the tub
  • Hearing water tumble out of the tap and into the bath
  • Collecting ritual items like oils and crystals + music if I want it, to add to the overall vibe of the experience


And as it does, this got me thinking.

(I did say I was a Scorpio remember?!)

What is it that nurtures me in the pre-bath ritual?

Why does the bath itself not nurture me in the same way?

What should I do about it, if anything?

Well the answer is pretty clear if you ask me!

I need to do more of the pre-bath ritual in general – and if I feel like a bath, have one. If not just move on!

So – candle, salts, essential oils, crystals, music, and creating a ritual space. This is what I LOVE about this whole process AND what I need to bring more of into my life.

So again I got thinking!

I decided to look at ways I already bring these elements into my life – and man are they there in bucket loads!

These are just some.

I light a candle every day as I sit at my desk to work. I used to light candles while cooking dinner, to have on the bench and dinner table as we ate. I haven’t done that for a while though – maybe it’s time to get back to it?

I have a diffuser and plenty of essential oils. I go through phases of using them – sometimes every day, sometimes not at all. Sometimes in my diffuser, sometimes on my body, sometimes in my work. I think it’s time to do more!

When I do an Elemental Space Clearing I always cleanse myself before and after with epsom salts. Sometime that’s in the bath, sometimes it’s in the shower (a plastic bowl full of salts rubbed on your body exfoliates beautifully BTW!). I could easily make this part of my daily routine + it would be a BRILLIANT way to keep me grounded.

I have a HUGE collection of crystals, some for personal use and some for client use. I have my bed gridded, my office gridded, my house gridded + crystals doing other important work around my home. I also meditate with them. I kind of feel like I have this one covered but I know there’s more I can do. Because my crystals are working hard for me, but am I giving them the respect they deserve? And are there special ones in my home that can support me energetically at the moment? I guarantee there are!

Another thing to think about is this.

If 3/4 of the ritual is AMAZING and the other 1/4 ho-hum / whatevs, which part do you think I should focus on?

We all know the answer to that!

So YES, all of this came to me while I walked the dog. I think I should do more of it – I really like the clarity that comes! Hope it helps you too!

With much love,

Helen xx

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator, Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner and #HSP Warrior


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