What I do each day to clear my energy field

March 19, 2020
Helen Joy Butler Clearing my energy field quote

Each morning I do something to clear my energy field, feel into the sacred geometry within and around me, to set myself up for the day. ⁣⁣


To create a clear energetic container for my body; to ground myself; to remove any energetic debris in my field; and of course to feel good!⁣⁣

Today I used sage, but I don’t always. ⁣⁣

Sometimes I use a sound bowl. ⁣⁣

Sometimes I stand on the grass.

⁣⁣Sometimes I put my feet in the pool. ⁣⁣

Sometimes I run white light through my body.

⁣⁣Sometimes I meditate, check in with my torus and spin my merkabah (this is actually part of my daily routine, with the other techniques being the icing on the cake!).⁣⁣

Sometimes it’s something else.

I have MANY strategies in my toolkit to choose from!⁣⁣

As an empath, highly sensitive/aware person, channel and psychic I’m always tapping into other people’s energy fields as well as the energy of the space I’m in (even when I go to the shop to buy milk!). ⁣⁣

It’s these simple morning rituals that keep me on the energetic straight and narrow, and help me show up in a way that feels supportive and nurturing for me. ⁣⁣

Why don’t you give some of them a try and let me know how it goes??

⁣⁣Or even better, if you have a simple energy / aura clearing technique I’d love to know. A girl can never have too many techniques in her toolkit!⁣⁣

With much love,

Helen xx

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator, Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner and #HSP Warrior


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