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What is your Sanctuary Language - Helen Joy Butler

The concept of the Sanctuary Languages came from the memory of a book I had read many moons ago called ‘The Five Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman.

The funny thing is that I haven’t thought about this book for some time, but when I was putting pen to paper for a coaching call Chapman’s Love Languages came to me, and thus helped bring the ‘Sanctuary Language’ concept to life.


From reading through the Sanctuary Languages below you will discover that I’m a Quiet Solitude kinda gal and my Hubby is a Physical Activity kinda guy. How do you think that affects the time we spend together?

There’s no way my Hubby would ever want to come on one of my retreats, and I couldn’t think of anything worse than training for a 100km bike riding event. But you know what? This is OK. Because we can individually do these things that are so important in our own Sanctuary world, and then together we can decide which Sanctuary Language best suits us. At the moment that’s Connection and Collaboration.

It is SO very important to know your own Sanctuary Language and that of those close to you. For one it will save you a lot of time, stress and arguments, as you get to know yourself more. And secondly it will help you accept those around you and what it is that supports them on their Sanctuary journey.


There are four Sanctuary Languages.

Take some time to connect with each below, to see which ones resonate with you.

More than one of the Sanctuary Languages may spark Sanctuary in you, and thus you may be drawn to a number of them. That’s OK – but I know that if you sit with each Sanctuary Language for a while you will discover one of these Sanctuary Languages is your preferred way of being.

Sanctuary Language - Quiet Solitude - Helen Joy Butler

If your Sanctuary Language is Quiet Solitude you will find that you enjoy being on your own, or perhaps in small groups, doing a quiet, internal, or reflective activity. The Quiet Solitude person is likely to need, want and crave time on their own, to recalibrate and to think about what is going on in their lives. The Quiet Solitude type may be drawn to yoga, meditation, tai chi, walking, gardening, sitting by the river, cloud gazing, journalling – any activity where you can be left alone with your thoughts. Quiet Solitude is firmly where I sit in my Sanctuary Language but I do admit to craving #3 and #4 below as well.

Sanctuary Language - Physical Activity - Helen Joy Butler

If your Sanctuary Language is Physical Activity you will enjoy moving your body, and at times pushing it to the limit. The Physical Activity person is most likely an outgoing person, though this isn’t always the case. My husband, for example, is a Physical Activity guy, but many moons ago he was given the nickname ‘Solo Man’ because he likes going skiing and bike riding on his own. The Physical Activity type may be drawn to running, cycling, going to the gym, doing extreme sports, surfing, boot camp, dancing, or training for an end goal such as a triathlon or marathon – any task where you can sweat and get your heart rate up, either on your own or with a group.

Sanctuary Language - Connection and Collaboration - Helen Joy Butler

If your Sanctuary Language is Connection and Collaboration you enjoy spending time with other people. It doesn’t necessarily matter whether you’re attending a networking breakfast, a family function, training for that triathlon, spend time volunteering for a local charity in your spare time, or regularly attending your school reunions. What matters is that there are other people involved, and you are all connected and working toward a common goal, passion, or intention. The community aspect of this Sanctuary Language really supports you to live your best life away from the group as well, and importantly you don’t feel whole without it.

Sanctuary Language - Creativity - Helen Joy Butler

If your Sanctuary Language is Creativity you enjoy spending time creating with your hands, body or mind. The Creativity person is just that – extremely creative – finding they can get lost in their craft. Before they know it hours have passed and they have created something that has given them great joy and pleasure. What matters is the feeling of flow that comes from the creative pursuit. The Creativity type may be drawn to art, music, cooking, renovating, sewing, knitting, up-cycling, writing, sculpture, painting, dancing. The Creativity Sanctuary Language person also enjoys spending time amongst other creative souls, and may be drawn to expos, exhibitions and events in their chosen creative field.

What should each Sanctuary Language focus on as they move through the Seasons?

To make it easy for you to do that I’ve created a one page Sanctuary Languages PDF for you to download, print, share. JUST CLICK HERE TO GRAB IT.

Settle in with the Sanctuary Starter Kit today!

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