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Welcome to the Sanctuary Resources of your dreams!

Each resource on this page has been designed with love, care and thought for you on your Sanctuary journey. 

They will support you to dive in at a pace that suits you, as deeply as you want or need, to bring more Sanctuary to you and those you love.

Resources are constantly being added so please do come back from time to time to explore new ones!

Settle in, have fun and remember – I am here for you so if you ever need any help just get in touch and ask.

  • Sanctuary Inner Circle

    The Sanctuary Inner Circle is the place to connect with other Spiritual Seekers living as Highly Sensitive People, in what can often feel like a not-so-sensitive world.

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  • Books

    Perfect as gifts to yourself or family and friends, each one of these creations will have you cosy’d up on a winter’s day absorbing all the wisdom within. There’s a variety of books, a journal and a beautiful set of Joy Burst Cards. Head on over to dive deep with everything Sanctuary!

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  • Create Your Own Sanctuary DIY Kit

    Inside the Create Your Own Sanctuary DIY Kit – an online course you can do at your own pace – you will find everything you need to get started on your sanctuary journey.

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  • Blog

    Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality, living as a sensitive aware soul, Elemental Space Clearing®, and ways to create sanctuary in your life through my own learnings and mis-steps.

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  • Manifestos

    This is where it all started for me on my own Sanctuary journey – and perhaps you too! These three Manifestos have been created to guide, support and nurture you on your own Sanctuary journey.

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  • Your Sanctuary Language

    What is your Sanctuary Language? And how can it help you understand yourself and those close to you better? Head on over to find out!

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  • Mum Organising Style

    Are you a Focused Mum? Dynamic Mum? Supportive, Exhausted or Overloaded Mum? Head over to do this quiz and find out.

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