Fight or Flight, or Rest and Digest? + Where’s the JOY in that? + Other Sanctuary Tips And Tricks

December 27, 2018

Sanctuary Tips and Tricks with Helen Joy Butler

Each week on FACEBOOK I share #TipTuesday. In these posts I share practical advice on everything Sanctuary – including practical, emotional and spiritual advice, to help you move forward with Sanctuary in your home, body and life.

These posts are often quite long and I thought they’d be great to share here with you in case you missed them. And let’s face it, things move rather quickly on social media and you may not have seen them fly by!

So let’s jump in!

Helen Joy Butler - Your, Home, Your Heart, Your Sanctuary

Tip 1 – Giving and receiving.

At the Beach | The Photo Forest - Helen Joy Butler

Nearly all of the women I know were givers. ARE givers. Perhaps it’s part of our nature?

But over time I’ve noticed women in my life saying “no more” to over-giving.

That’s not to say they don’t give anymore. They do. It’s just that they’ve decided to turn the tables a little. To GIVE to themselves just as much as they give to others.

Yes they increased their self-care, and softened a little into their reality – but they also became AWARE of what was already being given to them each and every moment of the day.

They noticed the car letting them in at the traffic lights.

They noticed their child putting their dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

They noticed the polite sales assistant serving them at the grocery store.

They noticed the supportive comments at work and at home.

They noticed when others gave to them when they may normally not.

They noticed the view out their window, and the air that they breathed, and the laughter at the counter when they bought their daily coffee.

And once they noticed these things – the things they RECEIVED on a daily basis – their life changed.

A feeling of balance was restored.

They felt more in flow.

They showed up differently for themselves and the people around them.

And they felt more whole. More together. More in love with their life.

Giving and receiving. Give both a try today and see how it changes your life.

Helen Joy Butler - Your, Home, Your Heart, Your Sanctuary

Tip 2 – Where’s the JOY is that?

Tree reflected in lake - Helen Joy Butler

I was at the shopping centre on the weekend and besides finding it difficult to get a park, there was a real air of frenzy in the centre. Like people were starting to get anxious and worried that they only had 40 something days until Christmas and they needed to get shopping STAT!

Where’s the JOY in that??

I know you’re busy. I know you have demands on your plate. I know you {insert your current chaos here}.

I know.

But do you need to play into the BUSY that’s starting to descend upon the masses?

Can you turn your BUSY around and think of it in a different way?


What if “I’m so busy” became “Isn’t it great that I am doing things I love”.

And if you don’t love them, you know what to do – delete, delegate, delay, diminish. (These are the 4Ds from Julie Morgenstern – Organizing and Time Management Expert)

What if “I have so many demands on my plate” became “Today I will focus on what’s humanly possible and get it done” – and at the same time take Sanctuary breaks and enjoy a cup of tea / the sunshine / singing at the top of your lungs / whatever is your thing!

What if “I’m so stressed with this current chaos” became “Yes this is hard, yes I’m tired and stressed, but I’m going to breath and take today one step at a time”.

There’s ALWAYS a way to look at this life journey in a positive way. We all have sh*t happen to us – usually at the time when we can least handle it. It’s how you manage your BUSY in between the stresses that makes all the difference to your sanity levels.

So today, breathe. Take time to smell the roses. Stop buying into everyone else’s version of you, or the one the marketers want you to be.

BE YOU!! In a way that feels right FOR you. What others think is none of your business.

Helen Joy Butler - Your, Home, Your Heart, Your Sanctuary

Tip 3 – It’s a choice.

Nature scene - Helen Joy Butler

I’ve really noticed a shift in energy since the Christmas ornaments have started popping up in shops.

It’s like it’s an invitation for people to go crazy – meaning

  • They’re moving at a faster pace
  • Are more focused on what they need to get done and less helpful / supportive of others
  • Look, behave and generally are much more stressed and busy

It’s as though they don’t realise that they have a CHOICE whether to feel like this or not.

Don’t let marketers or family or work or anything invade your sense of calm. You get to choose how you show up each day – regardless of whether Christmas is around the corner or not!

Why not show others how you can survive the craziness in the chaos? Calm is a choice too.

Helen Joy Butler - Your, Home, Your Heart, Your Sanctuary

Tip 4 – Fight or Flight, or Rest and Digest?

Tea Ritual- The Photo Forest - Helen Joy Butler

Which sounds more enticing to you?

I know that you might be feeling in flight or fight mode at the moment – or sense it coming on – with end of year stresses, Christmas, travel plans, holidays, juggling kids and work, and the other thousands of demands on your plate.

One thing I know for sure is that by operating from this space your body eventually tell you to slow down.

  • You’ll get over tired.
  • Your throat will get sore, or you’ll have a constant headache, or that niggling injury or low grade illness that you normally have under control will flare up and remind you it’s there.
  • You’ll get cranky with your kid or your partner or the people at work.
  • And you’ll show up in a way that, on reflection, makes you feel bad about yourself and your behaviour.

So what’s the solution?

Rest and Digest.

  • Take time out.
  • Sleep.
  • Nap.
  • Read a book.
  • Sit on the deck or look out the window at the sky or eat your lunch in the park, and just take it all in.
  • Slow down.
  • Eat mindfully.
  • Exercise.
  • Look people in the eye and smile.
    (How many people do you see doing that these days?)

With the silly season upon us it’s up to you to work out how you want to show up – stressed, anxious, in flight or flight mode OR calm, focused, resting and thoughtful.

It takes work. It takes focus. It takes commitment. But it’s SO worth it.

Helen Joy Butler - Your, Home, Your Heart, Your Sanctuary

I hope you enjoyed these tips! I’d love to know which one you’re going to start with today – go ahead and share it in the comments!

With much love,

Helen xx

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Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator and Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner


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