The ‘Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality’ Podcast Is HERE!!!

March 12, 2020

Oh my gosh! Today is a MASSIVE day in my world!

A project I’ve been actively working on for many months (and passively for much longer!) has been birthed!

Like any birth, the creation of the Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality with Helen Joy Butler podcast has been an amazing journey of growth, challenges, and everything in between!

But here we are – today! – and my baby is now out in the world for all to see!

To celebrate I have two things to share with you!

Firstly, the first five episodes!

Yep, FIVE!!

Here they are!


And secondly, a giveaway!

To celebrate such a huge event!

If you’d like to go in the draw to win a Get Clear Intuitive Reading valued at $79 all you have to do is

  • Comment below and let me know which of the first five episodes you loved the best (for one entry into the draw)
  • Tag two friends on this post on Facebook, inviting them to listen to your favourite episode so far (for one more entry into the draw)
  • Comment on this blog AND tag two friends on the Facebook post (for two entries into the draw)

One winner will be drawn next Thursday, 19 March, live on Facebook and contacted either on their post below OR on their Facebook post (depending on which option/s you go for + the easiest way for me to contact you!).

Good luck! And happy listening!!

With much love,

Helen xx

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator, Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner and #HSP Warrior


  • Manda

    Yay Helen!! I’m so excited to listen, especially to hear about sanctuary, one of my favorite words. Congratulations. (I’ll comment again after I listen – wanted to cheer you on first.) (:

    • Helen Joy Butler

      Oh thank you so much Manda! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts after listening. xx

  • Lisa Murray

    Helen, I love that you’ve made this podcast – it’s so needed! I so love your message about the resonance between the inner and the outer – our life is not separate from who we are… and of course ‘who’ we are is ever evolving. The ability of space to reflect our reinvention is so alchemical! 🙂

    • Helen Joy Butler

      Oh my gosh Lisa, that space is SO important – it’s when (and where) all the goodness happens! I’m so glad the concept of inner and outer resonates with you. xx

  • Deborah Marchant

    I liked the 2nd episode because I am at a major crossroads and need to adapt to a very different external vision of my life and basically reinvent myself which I need to do by focusing on the inner neglected aspects of myself.

    • Helen Joy Butler

      I’m so excited to see you starting your journey Deborah. If you need any support, please do reach out. xx

  • Manda

    Hi Helen,
    I listened early this morning when I couldn’t sleep. Appreciate how you invite us to think about interior and exterior sanctuary. I’d never thought of it that way. Do you have a specific definition for “sanctuary”? I may have missed it. I think I know what it means, and I have a certain image and feeling associated with it, but wonder how you define it. Thanks for your podcasts! Look forward to more.

    • Helen Joy Butler

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this episode Manda. I have SO much to share around Sanctuary so please do stay tuned! I will be sharing my definition of Sanctuary in the very last episode of Season 1 – but my goal in the meantime is to help you develop Sanctuary in your own home, body and / or life a little first. Thank you SO much for listening!

  • Helena

    Congratulations on your new podcast Helen! I enjoyed listening to all five podcasts, but the fourth episode on Sanctuary In The Home particularly resonated with me at this time as I’m just about to start a big declutter and reorganisation of my home. I love decorating and always enjoy moving furniture around and styling rooms in my house to create a beautiful space to live in. However I often find that feeling of sanctuary, both internal and external, is short lived due to lack of organisation and as a result I can feel stressed and overwhelmed. You’ve definitely inspired me to make some big permanent changes, starting at the front door! Thank you, Helena

    • Helen Joy Butler

      Oh wow Helena, I feel so blessed that you’ve listened to all five episodes so far. Thank you so much for gifting me your time to do that. I’m a huge fan of creating Sanctuary in the home – it’s literally the first and best place to start. I’m so glad I’ve helped you come up with a plan of attack – starting at the front door is perfect! If you’d like me to do a specific episode or two on organisation or decluttering please let me know – I’d love the podcast to support my listeners in what they need, so if this is the area for you I’d love to help. Xx

  • Sandra

    Hey Helen…I’ve just listened to the first 2 podcasts. The infinity symbol has sparked something in me. I keep visualising it in my mind’s eye. I also feel the urge to draw it in the air. Suspect that drawing it over & over on paper might assist with meditation & journaling. Look forward to listening to your other podcasts.

    • Helen Joy Butler

      Oh man, I LOVE this so much Sandra! Yes drawing the infinity symbol will definitely help with meditation and journaling. Enjoy the journey! Oh, and I’m SO glad this episode resonated with you. xx

    • Helen Joy Butler

      Hi Sandra! I’m excited to let you know that you’re the winner of the Get Clear Intuitive Reading! Please email me – – and I’ll get in touch with everything you need. The reading needs to be done by the end of March so please do get in touch as soon as you can. xx

  • Jan

    Helen, firstly congratulations on getting this beautiful podcast out to the world. And isn’t the concept of sanctuary so needed right now as we all turn more towards our homes and family? I have listened to the first 2 episodes and love them – as you know, I have followed your work for a long time, so in that regard it was really refreshing to go “back to basics” and refocus on sanctuary, the link to spirituality and what this means for me. I very much look forward to listening to the next episodes. xx

    • Helen Joy Butler

      Dear Jan, I’m so glad you enjoyed the first two episodes! You’re so right – these are the times to focus on Sanctuary more than ever before. I truly hope you enjoy the other episodes. xx

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