Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality Podcast – Episode 58

Sanctuary Round Table – Being at peace with your Sanctuary journey

With Helen Joy Butler, Sherry Trentini and Dorena Kohrs

Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality - Sanctuary Round Table with Helen Joy Butler, Sherry Trentini and Dorena Kohrs

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Being at peace with your Sanctuary journey.

Today we dive even more deeply with this concept in our final Sanctuary Round Table for this season, as we sit in Circle with two of my favourite people – Dorena Kohrs and Sherry Trentini.

In this Round Table episode of Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality, Dorena, Sherry and I talk about three main concepts, and ask the following questions:

1. The pain / tipping point

  • When does the pain of staying stuck become greater than the fear or resistance of taking action? 
  • When is / what’s the tipping point? How do we recognise it?

2. Taking the leap

  • How do we heed the nudge or call to create Sanctuary? 
  • How do we make the leap / connection to what we’re doing in our home / body / life, to create Sanctuary fully in our lives? 

3. I’m there – now what?

  • Once we create Sanctuary are we done? 
  • How do we evolve with the cyclical nature of the Sanctuary process? 

Join Dorena, Sherry and I on Clubhouse for a live Q&A on this topic!

Listen to this Round Table conversation and on the day/time shown below bring your specific questions to Clubhouse and ask away!

Wednesday 23 June 3pm MDT / Wednesday 23 June 5pm ET / Thursday 24 June 7am AEST

Helen @helenjoybutler // Dorena @spacedoula // Sherry @sherrytrentini

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