Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality Podcast – Episode 56

Sanctuary Round Table – Sanctuary in your Life

With Helen Joy Butler, Sherry Trentini and Dorena Kohrs

Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality - Sanctuary Round Table with Helen Joy Butler, Sherry Trentini and Dorena Kohrs

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What’s the real reason you’re not bringing Sanctuary into your life?

Today we dive even more deeply with this question as we sit in Circle with two of my favourite people – Dorena Kohrs and Sherry Trentini.

In this Round Table episode of Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality, Dorena, Sherry and I talk about

  • Interesting developments in our own lives since our last Round Table
  • How “what will other people think?” impacts our ability to step into the life we want
  • The hardest decision we’ve all had to make in our own lives
  • How peoples’ responses to us in the past affect the decisions we make in the present
  • Being vulnerable, and the fallout from that
  • How healing happens through being vulnerable and sharing our truth
  • The importance of building community
  • Explaining your thoughts to other people when they’re on a different wave length
  • Honouring your healing process
  • Allowing the places/people you surround yourself with to support you
  • Knowing when opportunities arise that reflect the ‘old’ you and how to deal with them
  • Why you sometimes need to walk away from an opportunity because it’s the energetically old you
  • Telling the Universe and people around you about boundaries and non-negotiables
  • If we settle for less then we can’t be open for more
  • Letting go to let more in
  • Gracefully flowing through the pause
  • Devaluing our truth
  • The importance of integrity
  • Connecting with people who are on different vibrational levels
  • Being mindful of your true self and adjusting accordingly
  • Well intentioned advice from others and its impact on our life decisions
  • What we can do to stand in our power when it comes to making life decisions
  • The importance of spiritual practice
  • How our own doubts gift other people permission to sway us off track
  • How our tolerance for risk and courage affects our decisions
  • If we don’t have our own back cracks in our confidence become more obvious, often leading us toward a story that doesn’t feel right
  • The importance of driving our own bus, the impact intuition has on us choosing the route, and the effect distraction can have
  • The impermanency of our life decisions and the lessons embedded in them
  • Having fun and being playful, and its impact on our alignment, flow and remembering


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