Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality Podcast – Episode 54

Sanctuary Round Table – Sanctuary in your Body

With Helen Joy Butler, Sherry Trentini and Dorena Kohrs

Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality - Sanctuary Round Table with Helen Joy Butler, Sherry Trentini and Dorena Kohrs

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What’s the real reason you’re not bringing Sanctuary into your body?

Today we dive even more deeply with this question as we sit in Circle with two of my favourite people – Dorena Kohrs and Sherry Trentini.

In this Round Table episode of Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality, Dorena, Sherry and I talk about

  • Interesting developments in our own lives since we last sat together in Circle 
  • How “it’s not that bad” decisions relate to all areas of our body – clothes, food, aches, pains, etc
  • Why we put off traumatic / challenging decisions and changes in our life that would help support our bodies
  • How the body stores emotions, and how working with it brings up trauma
  • How dealing with the body / physical helps create relief and openness in our emotions
  • The importance of feeling safe with practitioners who support us on our journey
  • Carrying stories in our body
  • How everything’s connected, and how the body often tells us first through pain and injury
  • How in Feng Shui our emotions are connected to water
  • Permission to do things in a way that feels right to you
  • If we know on a practical level things aren’t right, but we ignore it, and on an emotional level our body’s starting to tell us about it, where do we start? How do we make the first step to really shift that energy?
  • Our head getting in the way
  • Sanctuary = feeling good / peaceful – and how the body needs to feel the same
  • Body positivity, and how it often differs when we look at ourselves and others
  • The impact our clothes, their cut and colour have on our emotions
  • Giving ourselves permission to do what feels good
  • Starting at the lowest hanging fruit
  • Permission and conscious thought
  • The seasonal impact of our feelings, emotions and what we wear 
  • Dressing up to stay in
  • How you and the people you live with show up in your home and how it affects everyone
  • How Feng Shui can hep us bring Sanctuary into our body and shift “it’s not that bad”
  • How our body feels the emotions of our home
  • The Bagua, the Elements and Colour, and their impacts on our lives, homes and emotions
  • How we often don’t think about how our home feels
  • What’s more important – how a home feels or how it looks?
  • How many little annoyances we accept in our bodies
  • Why taking action by saying Yes or No is very powerful
  • The separation between our physical and spiritual selves and how to create connection and alignment to heal our bodies and connect with our higher selves
  • Muscle testing and pendulums
  • The importance of playfulness and curiosity when it comes to trusting your word and intuition


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