Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality Podcast – Episode 52

Sanctuary Round Table – Sanctuary in your Home

With Helen Joy Butler, Sherry Trentini and Dorena Kohrs

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What’s the real reason you’re not bringing Sanctuary into your home?

Today we dive even more deeply with this question as we sit in Circle with two of my favourite people – Dorena Kohrs and Sherry Trentini.

In this Round Table episode of Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality, Dorena, Sherry and I talk about

  • How “it’s all too hard” impacts our ability to create Sanctuary in our home and spaces
  • The emotional impact of the things we’re surrounded with
  • The emotional energy of things that don’t suit us and / or our home anymore
  • The energy, emotions, and feelings attached to other peoples’ stuff and the things we buy
  • The stories we attach to things, whether they’re true or not, and how they support (or not) the future we see for ourselves
  • Walking through our lives and not really paying attention
  • Energetic attachments and how to let go of them
  • Why we sacrifice ourselves and hold onto everybody’s stuff
  • How we accomodate other people’s wishes by being a ‘good’ daughter / son / parent
  • Releasing and honouring the items we want to move on
  • Finding the balance between ‘no attachment’ and a ‘great deal of attachment’ and what compromise has to do with it
  • Why putting things in the garage or cupboard and bringing it out when guests arrive is a lot more work than actually dealing with it
  • The physical, emotional and spiritual affect of items we hold onto that aren’t energetically aligned with us
  • The energetic connection to gifts we give others, and what that means if you like, or don’t like, a gift you give / receive
  • How the energetic connection between gift giver and gift receiver can be clear or sticky, and how that can create an energetic discord
  • Three ways to make creating Sanctuary in your home easy – one from Helen, one from Dorena and one from Sherry
  • The Spiritual Spiral – as we evolve, so does our space
  • Permission to change
  • The concept of “you can’t see the label when you’re inside the bottle”
  • How helpful a third party vision can be
  • How energetically different it is to be in a space compared to seeing a photo of it, and how this can open our eyes to the truth
  • Why we’re always sacrificing and compromising for our greater good
  • The infinity symbol external / internal relationship and how it supports our home to bring us back to ourselves


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