Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality Podcast – Episode 48

Sanctuary Chat with Lisa Murray

Lisa Murray is a transformational coach for conscious, creative visionaries. Her vision is for you to know the truth of who you are, and for you to create whatever makes you thrilled to be alive.

Lisa’s work intuitively invites you to activate your *UNDIMMABLE* presence, trust your knowing and create the magical love-fuelled futures your soul knows is possible.

An unconventional mix of the magical mystical and the entrepreneurial, Lisa has been creating businesses since she was 8. In the last ten years she’s written two books ‘Stop Waiting, Start Creating’ and ‘Living Beyond Burnout’ and created over 150 courses, retreats and live events globally.  

In this Sanctuary Chat Lisa and I talk about

  • What being ‘undimmable’ actually means
  • Living a soul led life, and what that means compared to living a spiritual life
  • The truth and magic of you
  • Being sensitive / aware in an insensitive world
  • Resilience
  • And so much more!

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