Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality Podcast – Episode 41

Guiding You Toward Your Best 2021

Now we’re officially on our way with 2021, have you taken a few moments to think about what you want from this year?

Yes that can mean a new house, or a new love, or a new life! 

But what I’m talking about here is energetic.

What do you want to look back on once the year comes to an end and feel / sense / understand at your core and within your soul?

In this episode of Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality – which is Part 2 of this concept (link to Part 1 is below) – we talk about

  • Why it’s a great idea for you to move from a Word For The Year to this
  • The steps I took – and that you can take too! – to create transformation, to come into closer alignment with what you want and deserve this year (or any really!)
  • Why you need to take the reigns and not leave things to chance (aka you’re in charge of your energy and how you show up)
  • The words that guided me to my 2021 intention
  • The question that will keep me on track with that intention
  • The mantras that will guide me even further

If you’d like to connect with Part 1 of this concept, to understand the work behind what I share in this episode, just head over here.

You can also watch this episode ON YOUTUBE.

Other resources to support you on your journey:

  • Do We Really Need A Word For The Year? Or Would This Be Better blog post.
  • You can hear more about the Sanctuary Languages on the podcast in EPISODE 8 and on the website HERE.
  • Receive the Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021 Oracle Card Reading ebook here.

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