Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality Podcast – Episode 36

Sanctuary Chat with Helen Claire Harmon

I feel really honoured to bring you this deep Sanctuary Chat with the lovely Helen Claire Harmon.

Helen is the host of the Humans and Earth Podcast and the founder of The School for Humans and Earth. 

Helen and The School support people who care about Earth and environmental issues to find a deeper level of contribution or leadership that goes beyond sustainability and is grounded in an interdependent, collaborative relationship with Earth. 

The School’s mentoring sessions and e-courses allow you to clarify your compassionate vision and choose your path of action while forging a mutually supportive relationship with Earth that benefits her well-being and yours.

In this Sanctuary Chat Helen and I talk about 

  • How to heal the Earth (and ourselves along the way)
  • The need to use the technology we already have to bring about change
  • Realising that the race isn’t lost, and that there are people all over the world doing their part to heal the Earth 
  • Helen’s spiritual practices that keep her grounded
  • Ways to bring Sanctuary into our lives that also support Mother Earth
  • And much more

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