Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality Podcast – Episode 33

Sanctuary this Solar Return

October was my solar return month – aka I turned 50!

Like many people I saw 50 as a significant birthday, but at the same time I was excited! There’s been so much change, growth, life lessons throughout my 40s (and to be honest, well before then as well!) that part of me was relieved, excited, joyous to move into this brand new decade. I mean turning 50 in 2020 – in what I feel will be forever known as a pivotal year for all of us – can only be an eye opening experience right??!

In this episode of Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality we talk about

  • The two astrology readings I had the week of my birthday, and some of the learnings from them
  • What Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz had to do with it
  • What happened when I was 38/39 that really pushed me onto this Sanctuary path
  • What Sanctuary and ‘home’ inside me looks and feels like
  • How creating Sanctuary in my Self and my Soul – two important parts of The Sanctuary Pyramid (stay tuned for more on it soon!) – has created Sanctuary on a much broader level than I ever planned or expected
  • How you don’t need to be a celebrity or have a huge audience to affect change through your Sanctuary practices
  • My big learning as I move through this significant Solar Return

You can connect with Sheila from Aditi Astrology here, Katie from Empowering Astrology here, and Eyenie from Technicolor Priestess here.

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