Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality Podcast – Bonus episode

Sanctuary in the time of Coronavirus, with Dorena Kohrs

What does Sanctuary look like now, given the coronavirus, self isolation, fear and worry many people are feeling and experiencing?

Dorena Kohrs, Feng Shui and Space Clearing expert, reached out to me as she felt now more than ever we needed to talk about Sanctuary and how we can experience it during these uncertain times.

Dorena and I go deep in this conversation so it’s a little longer than previous episodes!

In this episode of Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality we talk about

  • The definition of Sanctuary, and whether it’s changed in the current climate
  • Where ‘home’ is now
  • Pareto’s law and how it relates to Sanctuary in a time like this
  • What to do energetically to help bring yourself back to centre, to then help others
  • Why the Sanctuary pendulum as swung the other way
  • The chicken and the egg – a shift from external to internal – and which comes first
  • Where our focus should be energetically right now
  • Making an active choice to focus on yourself and your own energy body
  • Space Clearing, sage and waving a magic wand – and why it may not work
  • What cleaning the kitchen bench with a chicken breast has to do with it!
  • The importance of coming from a calm and central space
  • Why internal alignment is the place to start
  • How to shift to this internal focus when you’re used to focusing externally
  • Breaking the concept of Sanctuary down, to make sense of it
  • The importance of creating Sanctuary in your body on an emotional level
  • Energy work that can be done remotely to help you show up the way you want to
  • How I want to show up in these times
  • Joy in the mundane
  • Using your daily tasks to bring Sanctuary back into your body
  • A shift in mindset
  • How to make things simple for yourself at this time
  • The importance of joy, intention and focus
  • What happens when you bring the energy of someone into your home, and its impact on you and your family
  • Acknowledging how you want to ‘be’ in this time
  • How weeding can help you remove what you don’t want in your life
  • Shifting ancestral patterns in your home through Feng Shui
  • The importance of the pause for clarity, focus, connection and reflection, and what that may look like for you
  • BEing versus DOing, and how the pause relates
  • Bringing it all back to our heart, intention and gratitude, and leading from there
  • Coming back to centre

And SO much more!

You can connect with Dorena on her website and Facebook.

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