Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality Podcast – Bonus Episode

Fear, from a Sanctuary Perspective

With coronavirus I’ve noticed a lot more fear in our community. I’m sure you have too. So how can we navigate these uncertain times, with fear around us, from a Sanctuary perspective?

This bonus episode is the audio from a live I did to my business Facebook page recently to answer this question. 

In this episode of Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality we talk about

  • How I’ve stayed on top of the facts about the virus
  • How fear exists, and where you may feel it in your body
  • How to stay educated but not obsessed
  • The importance of respecting others choices at this time
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – what it is and how it relates to this situation
  • How choosing the vibration you want to show up with over the coming months may be an invitation to discover how you want to show up afterward
  • Using the breath to re-centre yourself and return to a calmer state
  • Grace and dignity

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