Finding Sanctuary Through Today’s New Moon In Sagittarius

December 7, 2018

Sanctuary New Moon Reading and Guidance - Helen Joy Butler


So what does this energy bring us and how does it impact our ability to connect with Sanctuary over the next 28 days?

Today my gorgeous friend JOSEPHINE CORCORAN, HOLISTIC EXECUTIVE COACH shares her astrological expertise, to help us understand what’s going on in the stars with this Sagittarius New Moon; and I share my thoughts on how this New Moon energy might impact us on a Sanctuary level.

So let’s dive straight in!


The New Moon in Sagittarius will occur at 5.20pm in Brisbane, Australia on Friday 7 December, 2018.

This New Moon is perfect for setting intentions around your vision for the future, your purpose and where you’d like to take things in 2019.

Sagittarius brings through a strong sense of optimism and big picture thinking. It’s expansive and ideal for setting intentions/goals connected to learning and travel (particularly international travel). Sagittarius is a fire sign and needs freedom to explore in order to expand the mind and search for meaning.

The ruler of the New Moon, Jupiter, is also in Sagittarius, compounding the potency of this Sagittarius New Moon energy.

There are a couple of other key aspects that add considerable energy to this particular New Moon.

  • There is a grand trine in water with Chiron (wounded healer), Mercury (communication) and north node (purpose). Together these planets create a very deeply sensitive and intuitive energy. This New Moon will help us to move forward in alignment with our purpose by helping others or ourselves heal from past suffering. Therefore it’s important to stay tuned to any messages that are sent to you as this news can help you make positive decisions for your future.
  • Mercury stations direct only hours prior to the New Moon and is ready to connect with others and speak up about deeply personal matters in order to ease past wounds.
  • Uranus and the South Node continue to make a square to each other which begs us to let go of what is no longer serving us so that we can move forward to better align with our purpose.
  • The Ascendant is in Gemini so it’s a very social and busy New Moon too. Don’t be surprised if you’re juggling many balls and have more than a couple of things on the go. This also makes it a great time for setting intentions around networking or researching.

This month the New Moon falls in the 7th house of relationships in Brisbane, so it’s a great time to set goals and intentions around relationships that support you to expand your mind and make sense of life.

To read more about how this New Moon may affect your work or career, just head over to JOSEPHINE’S BLOG.


  • That any last fragments of pain, challenge, difficulty that you’ve faced this year needs to be released so that you can move into 2019 with a new slate. In fact, I feel as though you should be acting as if you are already in 2019 throughout December – like you decide to live right now how you want your 2019 to be.
  • There is a need to not get caught up in the Christmas chaos. That if you actually take time for yourself away from the busy, in whatever way that looks like for you, that you will allow the intuitive thoughts to come through more easily. Get off the treadmill, even if it is only for a few hours, and connect with you.
  • That it’s time to put your past wounds to rest – and if that means having the conversation you never thought you have, that’s what you have to do. Trust and know that the right words will come to you, from a place of love and compassion for yourself and others around you.
  • Shed that last bit of skin that feels too tight, doesn’t work for you, feels uncomfortable in some way. We are in a place of authenticity and collaboration – if you don’t start coming from this place you will find next year a little challenging. Show up as you, knowing that you are here to grow, learn, and be you in this lifetime.
  • Live in the moment. I know you hear this from a variety of different teachers but how often do you do it? You literally only have this moment. Do what you can with it, knowing and trusting that the other stuff on your plate will get done when it’s time.
  • Enjoy yourself! It’s the right time of the year to let your hair down and spend some time with people who have supported you this year. You never know – it may lead to an incredible relationship or collaboration opportunity in 2019 that you never thought possible!


If so, now’s the time to grab your journal and your favourite pen, and take some time to sit with the questions below.

Take Josephine’s information about the New Moon energy, and my information about how it may affect you on a Sanctuary level, to help you move toward your own goals for the next 28 days.

If you have a set of oracle cards you can also use them to help guide you toward your answers.

Take some time with these questions, journalling, free writing, brain dumping anything that comes to mind.

Use your oracle cards, hold a crystal, sit in nature.

This is time for you and you alone, to dream and work toward what it is you want to happen over the next 28 days. Honour this time and gift it to yourself. You deserve it.

Helen Joy Butler - Your, Home, Your Heart, Your Sanctuary

What old stories of pain and hardship need to be released? How can you release them to set yourself up for a productive and positive 2019? (side note: ‘releasing’ doesn’t always mean you have to analyse what’s going / gone on. Maybe being gentle and kind to yourself would be more effective?)

What Christmas chaos can you avoid? How are you going to do that? How can you make this time easier for yourself?

Where do you need to be more present in your life? What do you need to do to make that happen? How would this make you feel?

What’s fun look like for you this month? Where can you let your hair down and enjoy yourself without judgement?

Helen Joy Butler - Your, Home, Your Heart, Your Sanctuary


What are my intentions for the coming month?

Write your intentions down in your journal and make time to reconnect with them over the next 28 days. Keep your intentions at the forefront of your mind so that you can work ever so gently toward the life you choose for yourself.

I am here for you so if you feel the need to reach out please comment below and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

Take care, much love, and I will see you in another 28 days on the next New Moon.

Helen xx

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Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator and Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner


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