Sanctuary Creators Tribe

Sanctuary Creators Tribe - Bring Sanctuary into your Home, Body, Life

The Sanctuary Creators Tribe has been created to help
you bring sanctuary into all aspects of your life.

To give you a safe place to sit in circle with other women on the same journey.

To have your own cheer squad and support team encouraging you to reach your full sanctuary potential.

To help you bring about your own version of sanctuary.

I believe we can have a home, a body, a life, that truly
supports us to be all we are meant to be in this world.

I believe that by creating a sanctuary in our home, our body, our lives we can gently
and intuitively bring about the change we so desperately want to see around us.

I believe that with the support of a group of women, all on the same journey,
we can lift each other up higher than we ever thought possible.

Together we can create such change in our lives that the ripple effects of
sanctuary can and will be shared further than we ever thought possible.

Through nurturing and caring for ourselves we give others permission to do the same.

That’s what sanctuary offers you.

An opportunity to create a nurturing, cocooning, loving space, both inside and outside your body,
that brings you back into flow and connection with what’s important in your own life.

Sanctuary Creators Tribe - Interview with Rowena Mabbott

How does the Sanctuary Creators Tribe work?

The Sanctuary Creators Tribe starts on 10 July, with doors to the Tribe opening on 9 July.

Over a period of six months – until 9 January 2018 – we come together, to share sanctuary, to encourage and support each other on our own sanctuary creating journeys.

The Sanctuary Creators Tribe sits in circle in a private Facebook group for six months.

Each day I pop into the group, say hello, share updates and resources that will help you on your sanctuary creating journey, and respond to the posts made by members of the group. I do this six days a week, Monday to Saturday, with Sundays being my own sanctuary creating day offline.

Once a month I run a live coaching call on a specific aspect of sanctuary.

Each coaching call goes for 30-60 minutes with topics which will guide and help you connect more deeply with sanctuary in your own home, body, life. There may also be supporting materials for these coaching sessions – worksheets, templates, resources which will assist you to move closer to your own version of sanctuary. All coaching calls are recorded and uploaded to the private Sanctuary Creators Tribe online portal, along with any resources, for you to access at any time.

Each member of the Sanctuary Creators Tribe receives their choice of Joy Burst deck. 

There are three Joy Burst decks – the Home, Heart and Sanctuary decks. The decks are a digital product (PDF) which you can print and use to help you connect with small things in your life that may bring you joy. Once you join the tribe and let me know which deck you’d like I will email it to you.

A six month subscription to the Sanctuary Creators Tribe is $111.

That’s the equivalent to buying one coffee per week!

By sitting in circle with other Sanctuary Creators you know you are with a tribe who really does have your best interests at heart. Together we will discover what sanctuary means to us collectively and individually, to pull out the weeds in our lives that no longer connect with our own version of sanctuary, and move closer to sanctuary in all aspects of our lives.

Tribe doors are now closed

Doors will reopen again in early 2018.
To find out all the details when they’re released please sign up here or add your name and email in the box at the bottom of the page.

Sanctuary Creators Testimonial - Irene, Tribe and Circle Member
Sanctuary Creators Testimonial - Jan, Tribe and Circle Member

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