Sanctuary Creators Retreat - Helen Joy Butler


Four Day Residential Retreat, 17-20 May 2018

Have you found it hard to connect with yourself in your busy home, life, work place – but the pull to put yourself first has become too strong and it’s time to do something about it?

Is it time to listen to that little voice inside you asking you to slow down, to get clear about what’s important in your life, and start to listen to what your heart is really calling you to do?

Would you like to learn a new way to nurture yourself, recharge your batteries and discover a greater sense of joy – so that you can live the life you’ve always wanted?


Helen Joy Butler - Your, Home, Your Heart, Your Sanctuary

I know you’re busy.

I know it’s hard to focus on you when you have responsibilities from here to Timbuktoo.

I know you’re struggling to get things done in a busy world.

Even in your downtime the never ending list of to-do’s pile up around you and you wonder if it will ever come to an end.

I know. I totally get it.

But as Oprah says, one thing I know for sure is that when you gift yourself time away on retreat you slowly let go.

You slowly release the stress and the worry that you arrived with, and throughout the retreat become calmer, more creative and more connected with who you truly are.

Slowly but surely those flat batteries you arrived with start to recharge and you start to rediscover and reconnect with your true essence.

You have fun.

You connect with yourself and other like-minded women – and you return home a new version of you.

As someone who has more clarity, more insight, more awareness of how she wants and needs to show up as, in her life, in her home, in her body.

Connection. With your true self. That’s what you’ll discover at retreat.

And it’s that connection, with awareness and clarity, that you will return home with.

And a whole heap of new friends.


Sanctuary Creators Retreat - Helen Joy Butler
Sanctuary Creators Retreat - Helen Joy Butler
Sanctuary Creators Retreat - Helen Joy Butler

The Sanctuary Creators Retreat is a deeply immersive and soulful experience, giving you the time and space to connect with and explore the concept of sanctuary on your own as well as with other like-minded women.

As a Sanctuary Creator, connecting with sanctuary is what I do – and my hope is to help you do the same!

I’ve been working with the concept of sanctuary for many years now and one thing I know for sure is that the more I connect with sanctuary within myself the more my external sanctuary falls into place.

Yes there will always be challenges in life, but what I know from my own experience as well as those of my clients is that living with and exploring deeply the sanctuary concepts you will learn at this retreat you will feel more centred, more guided, more understanding of who you are and what you are here to do in this lifetime.

The Sanctuary Creators Retreat will be an internal journey for us all.

We will look at all aspects of the Sanctuary Creators approach – sanctuary in your home, sanctuary in your body, and sanctuary in your life.

We will also learn about Sanctuary Through The Chakras, and how we can bring more sanctuary into our lives through the seven energy centres/chakras in our body.

We will enjoy four sanctuary-filled days of friendship, fun, nurturing, learning, and connecting with ourselves and others.

We will spend time in ritual, time in meditation, time exploring nature.

There will be plenty of time to explore your own concept of sanctuary without interruption, as well as collectively, in an incredibly beautiful lodge and nature space booked entirely for our retreat.

My focus at the Sanctuary Creators Retreat is to help you connect with sanctuary on a deep level, in a way you may not have thought of before, and to guide you toward bringing sanctuary into your life once you return home.

My hope is that you will connect with other incredible women, forming friendships, connections and learnings which will support you for many years to come.

There will be time to rest and time to play. Time to laugh and time to contemplate. There will be great food and incredible nature and gorgeous hosts, and most importantly sanctuary at this beautiful four-day retreat.

The Sanctuary Creators Retreat is held in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, close to Gympie, approximately 1.5-2 hours north of Brisbane, from 17-20 May, 2018.

Does the Sanctuary Creators Retreat sound like just what you need this year?

If so SEND AN EMAIL TO HELEN@HELENJOYBUTLER.COM for more information and to request an Expression of Interest form.

I really look forward to sharing this experience with you!

If you’d like to discover even more about the Sanctuary Creators Retreat head over to this blog post.


Sanctuary Creators Retreat - Helen Joy Butler
Sanctuary Creators Retreat - Helen Joy Butler
Sanctuary Creators Retreat - Helen Joy Butler
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