When Synchronicities Gently Guide You Down A Different Path – A New Sanctuary Message To Share

September 27, 2018

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A few months ago I shared a blog post called Are You Sensitive? Or Just More Aware?.

After it was published I took time to listen. To observe. To notice what was going on around me, including the ripple effects the article had on my own life and people I knew personally and professionally.

And what I noticed was quite astonishing.

What kind of things did I notice? you may ask.

Things like

  • Running into a lady I went to school with and haven’t seen for years – and chatting with her about her son and reasons why they moved him to another school. Her reasons were not dissimilar to why we moved our own son out of his school earlier this year. In fact, they were nearly identical.
  • Attending a Kundalini yoga class run by a friend, and pulling an oracle card with the word ‘Sensitive’ on it – in answer to my friend’s question “What do you need to connect most with throughout today’s practice?”. When sharing my card I said that I was no longer using the word sensitive – that aware my was my new go-to. (Check out this article if you’d like to know why.)
  • Having my application accepted to speak at the TED-talk style CBA Women In Focus Real Stories event in November with a talk titled “Your Sensitivity Is A Gift” – where, in part, I will be sharing how being highly aware isn’t a flaw or personality defect, it’s a Super Power.

After noticing these synchronicities I’ve come to the realisation that I can’t hold my thoughts in any longer.

There’s something about this message that is really calling me. Inviting me to bring together all of my knowledge.

From all my years as a Primary School Teacher and an Aware Soul.

The deep knowing I have of the Aware Child, through my own experiences, and the challenges walking this path can bring.

My experience as a parent to our own Aware Child, the challenges we’ve faced and overcome within a society that doesn’t fully understand either of us.

A deep inner knowing and understanding of how we can better parent the Aware Child in the energetic era we now find ourselves in.

And knowing, at the core of my being, the importance Sanctuary plays in all of this, both for parents, children and society as a whole, whether they identify as being Aware or not.

Throughout the rest of September and into October I will be sharing a number of articles on Sanctuary and the Aware Child, no matter their age. My hope is that these articles will help you become more aware of the Aware Child within you, or in your life, and help you both on your journey.

I look forward to sharing this experience with you.

With much love,

Helen xx

PS I wrote my first article on the Aware Child a few months ago. Just pop over here to read it.

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator and Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner


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