Are You One Of These “Clairs”? Giving You Permission To Own Your High Sensitivity Super Power

July 4, 2019

If you’ve ever read ‘The Highly Sensitive Person’ by Dr Elaine Aron, she shares an interesting analogy to help explain how HSPs operate in the world.

Why an analogy? Because it’s actually too difficult to explain a complicated innate trait in a few short words!

Dr Aron’s analogy is for the word DOES.

D = Depth of Processing

O = Overstimulation

E = Emotional Reactivity, and Empathy

S = Sensing the Subtle

I could talk about each of these for hours but the one I’d like to focus on today is S = Sensing the Subtle.

This is a Super Power that took me a lloooonnnngggggg time to own! And a lot of training, reflecting, shedding of layers to understand and recognise what that Super Power actually meant.

Once you realise you can Sense the Subtle, it’s time to work out what that “looks” like for you.

Perhaps you’re:

  • Clairvoyant – “clear seeing”
    Aka “I see dead people, energies, elementals as I go about my daily life.”
  • Claircognisant – “clear knowing”
    Aka “I have a strong inner knowing about things / people / places and know it to be true.”
  • Clairsentient – “clear physical feeling”
    Aka “I’m having a physical reaction in my body about this person / space / place, and I know it to be true.”
  • Clairaudient – “clear hearing”
    Aka “I hear whispers, wisdom and guidance from spirit.”
  • Clairempath – “clear emotional feeling”
    Aka “I sense and feel the emotions of this person deeply.”

If I look at Dr Aron’s ‘Sensing the Subtle’ and each of these ‘clair’ abilities, I am three – clairsentient, claircognisant and clairempath.

I also have clairscentency (where I pick up smells such as body odour, perfume and smoke) and clairtangency (commonly known as psychometry, where I get messages by holding items such as a watch, bracelet, or someone’s hands).

I share these Super Powers not to overwhelm you or bang on about my own abilities.

I share them because it’s taken me a llloooongggggg time to own these gifts, to gift myself the ‘training’ I needed to hone them (and thus own them!), and more importantly, to share them with you.

You may only be at the start of your HSP journey. You may still be wondering what the hell is going on for you in relation to sensing subtle energy.

If this is you my advice is to be gentle with yourself. When we’re stepping into our sensitivity as a HSP – or awareness as I like to call it – things can feel a little rocky, confusing, stressful, out of whack.

The best thing I know for it – when you’re feeling like this – is to get off the roller coaster for a while. Disconnect from the chaos and work toward bringing calm and connection into your life through whatever practices feel right to you. For me that’s meditation, ritual, reading, grounding, taking in the sun, sleep, baths, being with people who get me.

And don’t worry. The world will be there when you decide to get back on.

Take a seat, connect with you, and have faith that this will all work out for the best.

With much love,

Helen xx

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PPS If you’d like to work out whether you are a Highly Sensitive Person or not, just head over here to do Dr Aron’s self-test.

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator, Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner and #HSP Warrior


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