My weekly ritual to get in the ‘zone’

August 29, 2019

Each Sunday night (or sometimes Monday morning) I spend time exploring what my week ahead looks like. ⁣

I don’t do this the ‘normal’ way, by looking at my diary and seeing what lies ahead (even though I know that’s important and something I will do after this👇🏻). ⁣

Instead I get my (current) two favourite oracle decks, a set of runes + The Book of Runes (scroll down to see a photo!), to see what they have to share with me about the week ahead. ⁣

My process is this. ⁣

Step 1 

Get all my goodies + a fave crystal, find somewhere comfy (usually my bed!) to anchor myself in my body, and take a few breaths to get centered.

I also do a few shamanic rituals as well, and when I’m ready I move on to the next step (this could take a few minutes or much longer depending on how I feel). ⁣

Step 2

I shuffle and draw one card from my oracle deck, and decipher what the card means to me (I don’t read the book that comes with them. In fact, one set of cards shown in the photo below doesn’t even come with a book!). ⁣

Step 3

If I feel I need greater clarification on the message I received after pulling one card, I repeat Step 2. If I’m all good I skip this bit. ⁣

Step 4

I grab my second oracle card deck, shuffle it, and draw a card. This card ALWAYS supports and enhances the card/s I’ve already drawn, and clarifies the message even further. ⁣⁣

Step 5

I then get my bag of runes, dig around and pull one out, and read the message from the book. (These are a little too complicated to ‘read’ in the same way I read the oracle cards, so to the book I go!!).

And you guessed it – the rune ALWAYS supports and enhances the messages I received from the cards. ⁣

Step 6

Sit back and admire the beauty!⁣

By bringing these three together, and regularly doing this practice, I’ve gained greater insight into who I am, what I’m here to do, and where my energies should go.

Even better, the things that don’t matter anymore just simply fall away.

Nice right??⁣

Do you have a similar practice? Would you like to give this one a go? I’d love to know!⁣

With much love,

Helen xx

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Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator, Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner and #HSP Warrior


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