I’m Angry – Here’s Why

February 28, 2019

As a Highly Sensitive Person I need more Sanctuary in my life than non-HSPs.

What does that mean?

I love, love, love time on my own.

I love spending time sitting on the grass, walking through the local nature park, staring at the ocean, floating in the pool, allowing my thoughts to wander.

I love long soaks in the bathtub; curling up with a blanket and a warm cup of tea; food that nourishes my body and soul in equal measure.

I love the vitamins I take daily; my bed; my reading glasses that allow me to dive deep as the words jump off the page of the book I’m reading.

I love the crystals beside my bed, which no-one else sees or uses, that help me connect with what I know to be true.

I love meditation and journalling and receiving guidance from above.

But I don’t love it when people judge me or say that I’m weird (check out my response to that here).

And I certainly don’t love it when people judge other HSPs for traits that are innate, wound so tightly within their DNA that they couldn’t change them if they tried.

I have a lot to say on this. In fact, I have SO much to say it’s ridiculous.

And yet the advocate in me knows that the best way to work with this message is not to push. Is not to yell or get up on my soap box or shout it from the roof tops.

The best way is to show up.

To show how it is possible to be a HSP in a not-so-HSP world.

To walk my talk even if others judge me for it.

I’m OK with that. I’ve developed a pretty thick skin these past few years. I know who I am even if I fall off that wagon from time to time and need to gently coax myself back onto it.

Why, in reality, am I willing to do this? To put myself through the wringer for you, or your HSP sister, or HSP child, or HSP friend?

Because I have to. Not because I’m a masochist – but because I care.

I care a lot.

About you. About our children. About our future.

We don’t need another generation growing up broken, or thinking that they’re broken, or not having people really hear them when they speak their truth.

We need a generation who understands that the gifts they innately possess as HSPs – empathy, kindness, compassion, understanding, intuition, a depth of feeling and awareness like no other – are good and true and worthy.

The greatest Super Power they could ever possess.

So instead of taking this anger and getting all pent up about it, I’m doing something about it.

It may feel like grass roots work at times, and to those who ‘know me’ that I’ve gone a little off piste, but I know the deeper truth to it.

That by showing up each day, helping to bring sanctuary, connection and acceptance into the lives of Highly Sensitive People, no matter their age, that I am on the right track.

And in the end it will all be OK.

Because by showing up I am doing my bit for future generations – and hopefully bringing greater connection to the lives of many others along the way.

You may not be a HSP but I guarantee you have HSPs in your life given 15-20% of our society are. I’m also going to take a stab in the dark and say that you want to see more connection, more love, more compassion in our world. So here’s your chance, if it resonates, by helping yourself AND the HSPs in your life to do the same.

How do you do that?

By acknowledging the HSPs in your life. Advocating for them. Connecting with their depth of feeling to help you live your best life.

Because that’s what this is all about. If we can help each other, show love to each other, accept each other, the world will be a better place.

With much love,

Helen xx

PS If you’d like to be your own advocate, or one for a highly sensitive child in your care, please head over here to see how you can do that.

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator and Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner


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