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October 18, 2018

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The past few weeks I have shared with you a series of articles on the Aware Child.

Today I’d like to share with you what I actually mean by that!

Hold onto your hat!

An Aware Child is one who appears from the outside looking in to be a typical child – but is far from it.

An Aware Child is one who feels emotions so deeply they carry them for life.

One who is willing to give up his only sandwich, his swimming towel, his shoes, whatever worldly goods he has, to make another child or person feel safe or better about themselves.

The Aware Child is seen – but not seen – in class. They are the ones supporting their fellow classmates through the stresses of their day, who then carry those stresses home and have no idea what to do with them.

The Aware Child is wise beyond their years.

The Aware Child, if given the chance, will be the next leader of the western world. Doing it all the while with heart, compassion and love for his fellow man – and teaching some adults a few things about compassion and kindness and care along the way.

The Aware Child is empathetic and intuitive and psychic and carries the weight of these labels. They know at a soul level that society judges them for these abilities, and so they feel flawed and not seen for who they truly are.

As an Aware Child this is truly difficult to comprehend. They know they’ve come here with a depth of understanding which will change the world, but at the same time they’re being told “you’re wrong” and “have no idea” and to “stop being so sensitive”.

And so they stuff their Awareness down so far that it breaks them.

And instead they do what is ‘expected’ of them.

This Aware Child was, perhaps, you. And she certainly was – and is – me. And always has been.

And now I find myself with my own Aware Child, tarred with the same brush as me.

This is no coincidence. I was meant to have this Aware Child in my life. And I was meant to be his mother. Because together we have learnt more than we ever could apart.

I am beyond blessed to share this parent-child journey with our Aware Child. Because I am to him what I so desperately needed myself as a child.

A nurturer.
A safe haven.
An understanding and compassionate ear.
A believer.
A guide.
An advocate.
And so much more.

And by being this for him, he gifts me the same.

Yes our Aware Child is just that – a child. A young man in fact. But on a soul level he is more wise than many adults I know.

And so it is that we walk this path together. Perhaps you’d like to join us?

I believe there needs to be an acceptance and understanding that being an Aware Child – no matter your age – is truly a Super Power. And by claiming it you can live a much more purposeful life – and in turn, help other Aware Souls around you do the same.

To be honest I think that parenting in the old paradigm sucks. I always have. As a young child, I knew the whole parenting process was flawed. But at the time I wasn’t in a position to do anything about it.

But now we are in the new energies we all have the chance to re-look at the old parenting paradigm and change it – or simply close the door on what we know to be flawed and create a new path forward which is more gentle and accepting of the Aware Child. That nurtures the Aware Child in a way that hasn’t been done for thousands of years.

So would you like to join me on this journey of discovery? To connect with who you know you are – an Aware Soul? To be ok with that, and to help the Aware Child in your life be OK with it too?

Whether the child is your own by birth or adoption, a niece or nephew, your neighbours, your grandchild, or a student in your class.

It doesn’t matter how you know your Aware Child. What matters is that you see in them the part of you that wasn’t nurtured for being Aware yourself. And that you have a passion to help make the life of an Aware Child, and your own, better for it.

I believe that the Aware Child needs to be held. I’d love to help you do that, so that you too are held and supported on your own journey to authenticity, compassion and self-love.

With much love,

Helen xx

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Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator and Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner


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