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Bring a little more sanctuary into your life with the
Five Days To Sanctuary Challenge!


It seems a little like a contradiction doesn’t it, calling this a Sanctuary Challenge.
I mean creating sanctuary shouldn’t be an uphill battle should it?

But like you, my life has thrown me curve balls, stresses I didn’t want to face, challenges that made me feel less than. It’s been through my journey and connection with sanctuary and what it means to me that I’ve been able to discover my true purpose in this lifetime. This in itself has been a huge revelation – but even more importantly I have learnt to gift myself compassion, love and acceptance on my sanctuary journey, and have thoroughly enjoyed myself along the way!

The connections I’ve made with my true self have literally come through sanctuary.

My hope is that over the five days of this free Sanctuary Challenge you will start to see how creating sanctuary can make a massive difference in your own life – and get a little taste of that as well!

Sanctuary Approach - Helen Joy Butler

Inside the Five Days To Sanctuary Challenge I’ve broken down my Sanctuary Approach – so you can get started on your own sanctuary journey.

On DAY 1 you will discover what the concept of sanctuary means, and gain an understanding of the three distinct elements that make up my sanctuary approach.

On DAY 2 we look at the first element of the Sanctuary Approach – Sanctuary In Your Home
(yes I talk organising and decluttering but that’s not the main focus)

On DAY 3 we look at the second element of the Sanctuary Approach – Sanctuary In Your Body

On DAY 4 we look at the third element of the Sanctuary Approach – Sanctuary In Your Life

On DAY 5 we bring it all together to look at the ‘sweet spot’ – the place where sanctuary lives even when your life is going pear-shaped.

Over the five days there’s stacks of resources to help guide you through the sanctuary process and to get started on your own sanctuary journey (think: videos, articles, printables).

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