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“Helen creates a beautiful, safe space in her workshops where sensitive individuals are valued, acknowledged and honoured. She uses a variety of activities to educate and bring awareness to the sensitive soul. I walk away today with a greater sense that who I am is perfectly okay as well as practical skills to help me further strengthen and more completely embrace my gifts and all of who I am. Thank you, my heart is full.” Emma, Brisbane

These online courses are designed for highly sensitive men and women who live anywhere in the world and are keen to create more Sanctuary in their lives!

They are for you if would love to learn and connect with others working toward Sanctuary in their own life and are happy to connect online through Zoom.

These courses are currently only offered to Sanctuary Inner Circle members (click through to join >>> it’s free!) however they can be presented in person at your event, conference or retreat. Just get in touch so we can chat!

Navigating Your Sanctuary Journey - Helen Joy Butler workshop image

This workshop is for beginners on their Sanctuary journey OR if you feel you need a refresher of the basics.

How do you navigate your way through the murk, the noise, the chaos, the stress on a daily basis at the same time as working out what Sanctuary looks, means and feels like for you – and then make it a priority in your life? That’s what this workshop is all about!

Inside the workshop we will

  • Do a meditation to discover what Sanctuary means to you
  • Look at the three areas you need to bring Sanctuary into
  • Decipher which one of these three areas is the best place for you to start
  • Discuss resources to help you get started straight away

You will receive a resource pack to help you on your journey + please come along ready to share your thoughts / challenges / questions so that you can leave the workshop ready and armed to take action!

You will know this workshop is for you if you

  • Feel there’s no space left for you in your busy life
  • {more often than not} Put everyone else’s needs and wants before your own
  • Know it’s time for a change but can’t quite work out what that is (aka you’d like some help!) 
  • Want to bring more connection into your life and routine but just thinking about it gives you a headache

Thursday 28 November 2019, 7-8pm

This workshop is for Highly Sensitive People who want to learn more about their unique trait from a different perspective.

Approximately 15-20% of people are highly sensitive. But ask anyone living with this trait and they will tell you it isn’t always easy! That’s what this workshop has been designed to do – to help highly sensitive people see their trait from a different perspective and, in turn, live a more fulfilling life.

In this workshop we will

  • Define what it means to be a Highly Sensitive Person
  • Compare this definition to what it means to be a Highly Aware Person
  • Talk about how living as an Aware Person is so much easier on your nervous system
  • Look at how we can live with other people (partner, children, family, flat mates) as a Highly Sensitive, Aware Person and still stay sane
  • Discuss a variety of practical strategies to help you live as an Aware Person

You will know this workshop is for you if you

  • Identify as, or think you may be, a highly sensitive person and would like to navigate your journey with ease and grace
  • Have someone in your life who you believe is highly sensitive and you’d like to help them live a more fulfilling life
  • Know it’s time to live openly and honestly as a Highly Sensitive Person in what can sometimes feel like a not-so-sensitive world
  • Are ready to step fully into your sensitive, aware self
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