Navigating Your Sanctuary Journey

Transform Your Home Four Week Boot Vamp!

Navigating Your Sanctuary Journey Home - Helen Joy Butler

I’ve worked in the home transformation space with clients as well as on my own journey for years, and one thing I know for sure is that creating a sanctuary in our home can feel way too hard.

{Like to know what I mean by that? Check out this podcast episode, and this one.}

Given we were all forced (literally) to go into isolation in our homes in 2020 – with some of us still there and all of us still not out of the woods – don’t you think it’s time you actually created a beautiful, energetically supportive, nurturing home for you and anyone you live with?

I’m talking practical and spiritual transformation here!

This isn’t just a declutter and be done Boot Vamp!

We’ll literally declutter, energetically cleanse, and create spaces in our homes that we love and want to spend time in (yes, me included – there’s always more magic to weave when it comes to creating sanctuary in my home!).

This Boot Vamp is for you if you

  • Know you’re ready to make this whole thing easy!
  • Feel weighed down by the stuff in your home (literally and / or metaphorically speaking)
  • Discover your true energetic language, connect with it and use it to create the home you need to propel you forward
  • Are ready to receive guidance from your energetic and spiritual team, to support you throughout the Boot Vamp and beyond
  • You got sick of staring at your stuff during Covid lockdown, know it needs to move / shift / change and either
    • don’t know where to start
    • want and need professional support and / or
    • a cheer squad to help you get there
  • Are excited to learn energetic decluttering strategies from someone who’s been there done that for more than a decade (aka me!)

This Boot Vamp is not for you if you

  • Are a hoarder
  • Aren’t open to practical and spiritual strategies
  • Aren’t ready to receive messages from your spiritual team, through me and / or your own abilities, and act on them as needed
  • Aren’t ready to commit or set aside time each week to do the practical and spiritual work

What’s inside the Home Boot Vamp?

  • Weekly video guidance with instructions and support on that week’s topic
  • A playbook for each week, with activities, reflections and guidance for you to do in your own time
  • A weekly Zoom call, to bring your concerns, questions, wins and celebrations to – recorded and shared if you can’t make it / want to save for future reference. This call’s all about you, so make sure you bring everything to the table!
  • A private Home Boot Vamp Facebook group (not needed to complete the course but there if you’d like extra support or would like to connect with the Home Boot Vamp community)

The first ten people to sign up receive one week’s support through Marco Polo (phone app), starting May 10.

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator and Elemental Space Clearer

The Home Boot Vamp starts Monday May 10

Sorry, the Transform Your Home Boot Vamp doors are closed.

Sign up here to find out when it’s next being held, and visit here to explore other Boot Vamp courses.


One payment of $431*

*Approximately US$330 / UK£238


Four weekly payments of $115

Your investment is non-refundable. By signing up and paying you’re committing to the Home Boot Vamp.

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator and Elemental Space Clearer

What’s it like to experience my approach, philosophy and courses?

“Helen is a speaker, facilitator and mentor with a difference, who will guide you to your own inner sanctuary whatever your beliefs.” Kristina Cornelius

“Helen is that rare combination of practical and spiritual. She brings together the knowledge of how to get the space you’re in more aligned and organised, along with the insight into what might be going on inside too. I love her approach to it all – and have not only seen how it has helped so many of the women I coach and work with, but in my own life too. Sanctuary is now one of my favourite words!”
Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, Editor and Creator of Happy Mama Magazine

“If you need to shift stuck, negative dense energy from a space and replace it with positive uplifting feelings Helen is amazing and the one to call on.” K, Brisbane

Welcome Home has definitely been a very different experience for me.⁣ Before I began the program, I had allowed circumstances to flatten my love of life and I was ignoring my own needs. After 8 weeks of Welcome Home, I feel happy and at peace. Helen’s program gently and creatively led me to find Sanctuary both within myself and in my home.”⁣ Mary, Victoria

“Thank you Helen for the wonderful experience of ‘Welcome Home’. I found it gentle and challenging; nurturing and affirming; powerful and empowering. There was laughter and there were tears. It took me to unexpected and surprising places – on my way ‘home’. I am grateful to you for offering this awe-inspiring program and sharing your knowledge, wisdom and expertise in such a generous and caring way.⁣”⁣ Anne, Melbourne

“Thank you Helen; undertaking the Welcome Home program with you was like finding the perfect shapewear! I felt like I was cocooned in an environment of support that each week brought me to a new level of confidence in who I am and how I’m showing up in the world.” Amanda, Brisbane

Settle in with the Sanctuary Starter Kit today!

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