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“I highly recommend Helen’s Elemental Space Clearing® for anyone who is feeling stuck or stagnant and wondering if anything can be done. It can! I’m very grateful to Helen for the insights about my office space and for helping me to feel so much more at home here now.” Kathy Damas, Master Certified Health Coach, USA

Many of us spend a lot of time in our offices, workspaces or healing rooms.

Whether it’s a space you travel to each day, the spare room in your home, a nook in the corner of the lounge room, a co-working space, an office in the city, or a loft above the garage, you can spend a lot of time there! And this space, in turn, can affect your overall happiness and success in your chosen field.

An Office Elemental Space Clearing® is a discreet way to clear and cleanse the energy in your workspace, giving you the opportunity to connect more fully with your work and how you go about your day.

In any Elemental Space Clearing®, your intentions are my main priority.

If your intention is to connect more deeply with your creativity and inner knowing, to share your unique gifts with the world in a way that feels authentic and right for you, that will be our focus throughout your Clearing. 

If your intention is to clear the energetic debris from other people coming into your space, that’s the direction we’ll take.

If your intention is to strive to be seen and heard more clearly in the workplace, to allow your ideas to flow and for you to receive the recognition you deserve, that’s what we’ll do.

If your intention is to bring more flow and abundance into your business, so you can reach the people who need your products or services, that’s where we’ll go!

Every Space Clearing is different so whatever your intention, an Office Space Clearing will be tailored to you and your needs.

Benefits of an Office Space Clearing may include:

  • A calm, happy and connected office / workspace
  • Increased focus and productivity
  • Clearing negative energy that creates distraction
  • Opening of creativity channels
  • Improved overall desire to spend time in your office / workspace / healing room
  • Feeling nurtured and whole in the space
  • Improved relationships with colleagues and / or clients


  • A 20 minute Zoom call where we discuss your intentions and dive deeply with what it is you want from your Clearing
  • Photos and video of your bespoke Elemental Space Clearing® altar
  • An audio file of my findings, after your Elemental Space Clearing® is finished
  • The luminosity of your office, before and after the Clearing

If this all sounds amazing and you’d like to dive more deeply with the Elemental Space Clearing® process, click on the ‘Apply Now’ button below and share all you can about you and your office.

Elemental Space Clearing® with Helen Joy Butler - Apply Now

Office Elemental Space Clearing® Investment: AUD$179*

*Approximately US$128 / UK£98

* This Elemental Space Clearing® investment is for offices / workspaces / healing rooms that are no larger than a normal sized bedroom. If your work area is larger than this or includes more than one office / workspace and you would like an Elemental Space Clearing®, please contact me for a quote.


Josephine Corcoran, Holistic Executive Coach, Sydney, Australia
Sherry Trentini, Life Coach and Grief Recovery Specialist, Canada

“I jumped at the chance for an Office Elemental Space Clearing® with Helen. The process was easy and straightforward – having sent in a hand drawn room plan and the intentions for my study, Helen set to work. She sent across a beautiful recording and photographs of the process, including the altar created for the work, her observations and insights, and advice for things to implement going forward. Listening to the recording the first time made me weep, it was spot on! Writing this three days on, my study feels like a very different space. The furniture has been moved according to Helen’s recommendations, and having removed the clutter it is now light and airy. Most importantly, the ‘stuckness’ I had previously felt has shifted: I’ve caught up with several months’ backlog of emails in two days (yet it did not feel like a huge task), and seem to be able to concentrate better for longer. Can’t wait to see how this unfolds over the coming weeks and months. I am delighted with the Space Clearing, and would say to anyone thinking about having one done with Helen to just go for it!”

CJ, United Kingdom

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