Elemental Space Clearing® to Sell A Home

Elemental Space Clearing® to Sell a Home - Helen Joy Butler

“Space Clearing definitely works. I had 29 groups through my house on the first inspection day (about 100 people!) and a good contract offer! Needless to say my home feels and looks amazing!” K, Brisbane

When it’s time to sell your home there are three things that will help bring about the sale you want more quickly.

  1. Decluttering
  2. Styling / staging the property, and
  3. Energetically clearing the entire home

Real Estate Agents and home owners know how important the first two – decluttering and styling – are, but if a home is being presented in the best way possible and it still isn’t selling, an Elemental Space Clearing® to Sell a Home may be just what you need!

In any Elemental Space Clearing®, your intentions are my main priority.

When it comes to selling a home, the main intention my clients usually want is a quick, easy, stress-free sale. If this sounds familiar and is your intention as well, that’s what we’ll work with during the Space Clearing.

If you’ve already decluttered and styled your home, and your intention is to clear the space of your family’s energy so a new family can see themselves living there, that’s what we’ll work with during your Clearing.

If your home carries a lot of heaviness, sadness or anger due to arguments or difficult relationships that have taken place under its roof, we will shift these energies through the Clearing process and replace them with energies that a new buyer would be drawn to, like love, joy, peace and happiness.

Every Elemental Space Clearing® I do is tailored specifically to my client’s needs and is unique to them.


An Elemental Space Clearing® to Sell your Home can be done

  • Before the property goes on the market
  • During the sales process
  • When interest in the property appears to be waning
  • When a property has sat on the market for some time with little or no interest

In essence an Elemental Space Clearing® can be done at any time throughout the sales process, but like decluttering and staging, you may like to consider a Clearing early on in the sales process or before the property goes on the market.

Benefits of an Elemental Space Clearing® may include

  • A quick sale
  • A smooth, easy sales process
  • Bringing peace and harmony to the home, to attract the right buyer
  • Attracting the next property for the current owner to move on to


  • A one hour Zoom call at the start of the process where we discuss your intentions and dive deeply with what it is you want from your Clearing
  • Photos and video of your bespoke Elemental Space Clearing® altar
  • An audio file of my findings, after your Elemental Space Clearing® is finished
  • The luminosity of your home, before and after the Clearing
  • Two weeks post-Clearing support

If this all sounds amazing and you’d like to dive more deeply with the Elemental Space Clearing® process, click on the ‘Apply Now’ button below and share all you can about you and your property.

Elemental Space Clearing® with Helen Joy Butler - Apply Now

Elemental Space Clearing® to Sell a Home Investment: AUD$820*

*Approximately US$530 / UK£433

50% deposit gets the ball rolling, with final payment due after your Elemental Space Clearing® is complete.

* This Elemental Space Clearing® investment is for homes that would be considered ‘normal’ size. If your property is larger than the average home or includes more than one property please FILL OUT THE APPLICATION FORM, providing as much detail as possible, and I’ll be in touch with a full quote.





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