Elemental Space Clearing® to Sell A Home

Elemental Space Clearing® to Sell a Home - Helen Joy Butler

When it’s time to sell your home there are three things that will help bring about the sale you want more quickly.

  1. Decluttering
  2. Styling / staging the property, and
  3. Energetically clearing the entire home

Real Estate Agents and home owners know how important the first two – decluttering and styling – are, but if a home is being presented in the best way possible and it still isn’t selling, an Elemental Space Clearing® to Sell a Home may be just what you need!

Why do an Elemental Space Clearing® to Sell a Home?

In any Elemental Space Clearing®, your intention is my main priority. So when it comes to selling a home, the main intention my clients have shared with me is that they want a quick, easy, stress-free sale.

In these videos I share why you might like to consider an Elemental Space Clearing® to sell a home.




When is a good time to do a Space Clearing to Sell a Home?

A Space Clearing can be done

  • Before the property goes on the market
  • During the sales process
  • When interest in the property appears to be waning
  • When a property has sat on the market for some time with little or no interest

In essence an Elemental Space Clearing® can be done at any time throughout the sales process, but like decluttering and staging, you may like to consider a Clearing early on in the sales process or before the property goes on the market.

What are the benefits of an Elemental Space Clearing® to Sell a Home?

Benefits may include

  • A quick sale
  • A smooth, easy sales process
  • Bringing peace and harmony to the home, to attract the right buyer
  • Attracting the next property for the current owner to move on to

What do I need to do an Elemental Space Clearing® to Sell a Home?

A Space Clearing to sell a home is done by distance, meaning I don’t need to visit the home to energetically shift the energy and bring in the intentions the home owner desires.

All I need to do the Clearing is

  • The home owner’s intention for the Clearing
  • A hand drawn floor plan of the home, showing any major pieces of furniture and where north is

I may also look at the online sales listing if I feel called.

All communication for this type of Clearing is done between the Real Estate Agent and myself.


After I’ve completed the Clearing the Agent / client will receive

  • Photographs of the home’s bespoke altar
  • Video of the altar and Space Clearing set-up prior to the Clearing
  • The home’s luminosity reading, before and after the Clearing
  • An mp3 audio file with feedback on any changes or additions to the home that may speed up the sales process

How much does a Clearing to Sell a Home cost?

An Elemental Space Clearing® to sell a home cost $784.

Please click here to pay your deposit of $392.

If you are a Real Estate Agent or a home owner and have questions you’d like to ask before paying your deposit, please get in touch for a free 20 minute consultation.





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