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Distance Elemental Space Clearing® - Helen Joy Butler

“If you need to shift stuck, negative dense energy from a space and replace it with positive uplifting feelings Helen is amazing and the one to call on. I can’t thank her enough.” K, Brisbane

When I’ve spoken to friends, colleagues and clients about doing a Distance Space Clearing they often ask “How far away can you perform a Clearing Helen?”.

My answer is – either across the street or across the other side of the world.

No matter where you live in the world, a Distance Elemental Space Clearing® can still be done on your home or business.

How is this possible?

I tap into the energy in your home or business, to connect with what’s going on from an energetic level, and shift the energy so that your intentions become a reality.

In any Elemental Space Clearing®, your intentions are my priority.

If your intention is to remove sadness, anger, lack of connection, fear or a range of other low vibrational energies – and bring in high vibrational energies such as joy, love, peace, clarity, courage and acceptance  – that’s the focus I’ll place on your Clearing.

If your intention is to remove heavy, stagnant or dense energy from rooms that you or others don’t like spending time in, so you have a space you energetically love and enjoying being in, that’s the direction I’ll take.

If your intention is to energetically clear the space in your business, to make it feel just right for your clients, customers and staff, that’s what we’ll do.

Every Elemental Space Clearing® I do is tailored specifically to my client’s needs and is unique to them.

Space Clearings can be done at any time of year but a great time to do one is when you are:

  • Changing relationships (marriage, separation, having a baby, employing new staff, going into partnership of any kind, moving in with a partner)
  • Moving into a new home or business
  • Recovering from illness (once you’re feeling better)
  • Lacking in energy and vitality
  • Finding ‘weird’ things going on in your home that you can’t explain
  • Having a continued period of bad luck
  • Changing seasons (Spring Cleaning time is particularly good) or it’s a New Year
  • Selling your home
  • Hoping to attract new clients or staff to your business
  • Wanting to clear the energy from a space where people share their problems or concerns, or disagreements / arguments have occurred
  • Ready to disconnect from challenges in a space, to renew it and yourself
  • Ready to make changes in your home, business or life, no matter what that is

Benefits of a Space Clearing may include:

  • Reclaiming balance in your home, business or life
  • Bringing peace, harmony and connection into your home, business or life
  • Connecting you with your home or business so that together you can achieve your goals
  • Bringing in positive energies to different areas of your home or business, to support and nurture each person who spends time there
  • A quick sale of your home or property
  • Attracting the ideal partner, client, customer or staff to your life or business

Throughout your Elemental Space Clearing® you receive:

  • A one hour Zoom call at the start of the process where we discuss your intentions and dive deeply with what it is you want from your Clearing
  • Photos and video of your bespoke Elemental Space Clearing® altar
  • An audio file of my findings, after your Elemental Space Clearing® is finished
  • The luminosity of your space, before and after the Clearing
  • Two weeks post-Clearing support

If this all sounds amazing and you’d like to dive more deeply with the Elemental Space Clearing® process, click on the ‘Apply Now’ button below and share all you can about you and your property.

Elemental Space Clearing® with Helen Joy Butler - Apply Now

Distance Elemental Space Clearing® Investment: AUD$720*

*Approximately US$465 / UK£380

50% deposit gets the ball rolling, with final payment due after your Elemental Space Clearing® is complete.

* This Elemental Space Clearing® investment is for buildings, homes and properties that would be considered ‘normal’ size. If your property is larger than the average home or includes more than one property please fill out the application form, providing as much detail as possible, and I’ll be in touch with a full quote.


“Hi Helen, I can see clearly now the ghosts have gone…   

Walking into my home this afternoon, my first feeling was one of relief.

Then I went into The Study – formerly the gateway to another planet – and the feeling was ‘warmth’ and ‘cocoon’ and ‘comfort’.

I woke up this morning, and looked in the mirror, and was a little surprised – I thought I looked different somehow. Or, something has shifted enough somewhere for me to perceive myself differently.

Thank you so much Helen for helping me along my spiritual journey to clarity, for dealing with my ghosties, and for the amazing job you’ve done on both my houses now

You truly have a gift.

Much love,”

E, Brisbane

“Helen conducted a house clearing for me via Skype 6 weeks ago. I engaged Helen trusting her integrity from the amazing work she does with Clutter Rescue helping people create homes and offices that are organised and efficient to live in.

I was wowed by the experience of the distance clearing.  Prior to the clearing there was a lot of noise and distractions in our house. This was connected to young children and work pressure that we were experiencing. Immediately following the clearing, the house began to feel lighter, calmer and more relaxing which was the exact brief I gave to Helen of my ideal outcome.  New opportunities even began emerging around my work.

The clearing process was exceptional.  After completing a brief on what I wanted, we had a 60 minute telephone conversation. It commenced with helen providing personal insight into key issues for me and around our home that were opportunities to work on.  Helen then took me through how she would conduct the clearing and things for me to start to look out for. Following the call, I received a gorgeous parcel in the mail containing the crystals she’d used to do the healing and instructions on where to place them in my home. That then was followed up by a further Skype call.

Helen’s incredible intuition, personable style and professional approach sets her apart from other spiritual healers I’ve worked with. I highly recommend her if you are looking to create the most positive home or office space you can.”

Josephine Corcoran, Holistic Executive Coach at Josephine Corcoran

“At first I didn’t quite know how to express what our experience was from Helen’s space clearing.

I am wholeheartedly grateful for the Distance Space Clearing that Helen did for my family home. The distance being over 12,500 km away! (I’m in Canada, Helen is in Australia)

Her preparatory questions really allowed for me to get in touch with what was I was feeling off in our home, and of course allowed me to get clear on what I wanted our space to feel like.

The clearing was done whilst we were away and there was a different feel to our home when we returned. Once I had received the follow up from her it all began to make sense.

I really appreciated and valued Helen’s personal preparation for the clearing and her sharing it with me. Seeing the altar she created held powerful energy, even through the photo. Her intuition was spot on and as I read her followup, suggestions, and listened to the audio I felt as if she had been sitting here with me.

I have been continually inspired to clear and declutter specific areas that she made me aware of. It has been a family effort. Weeks have passed since the initial clearing and we are still finding ways to release what no longer serves us, as it comes into our awareness.

Helen’s clearing brought the unseen things to the light, I am so grateful to have received her guidance to help us live more lightly in our home!”

Sherry Trentini, Creating Space

“I have been working for weeks and weeks physically cleaning and preparing my house for sale and then it dawned on me that I had given no attention to clearing/cleaning my house energetically.

At the same time, my Dad’s partner had been trying to sell their home with no luck. My Dad passed last November after losing his battle with dementia and had spent many years in his home in a state of confusion, turmoil, grief and frustration. I knew that not only did I need to clear my own house to beautifully welcome in the new potential buyers, I also had to clear my Dad’s home as well.

Being a relative newbie at this I called on my friend Helen for advice. Helen gave me some handy tips (I am forever grateful) and generously offered to help me work on clearing my Dad’s home. The stuckness and grief needed to be removed.

Helen did a Distance Clearing while I worked on my Dad’s house in the physical space.

It was soooo good knowing that Helen had my back.

She also called in her own “Big Guns” (Guides) to work with her, created a beautiful altar and spent time doing what she does best as a Professional Space Clearer.

After we had finished, my Dad’s partner came home and immediately burst into tears. She said she could feel the difference, that she could feel the love energy and felt surrounded and enveloped by it.

So guys… if you need to shift stuck, negative dense energy from a space and replace it with positive uplifting feelings Helen is amazing and the one to call on. I can’t thank her enough.

PPS Space Clearing definitely works. I had 29 groups through my house on the first inspection day (about 100 people!!!) and a good contract offer! Needless to say my home feels and looks amazing!

Love you Helen. Thanks heaps!”

K, Brisbane

“This was my fourth attempt over the past six years to sell my home. However this time around I knew I needed to ‘change the energy’ around my home and within myself. I was very clear this was the time to sell and also knew I needed extra help. Helen was recommended to me and it was a delightful process from our initial consultation to the eventual success when my house sold. Helen kept in contact after the process until the actual contracts were signed. I felt very supported and cannot recommend Helen highly enough with her Elemental Space Energy healing. My ‘clearing’ was done long distance as well.”

S.Young, New South Wales

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