Shine Your Light Forward

A Ritual to Release the Past and Embrace the Future

Shine Your Light Forward - A Ritual to Release the Past and Embrace The Future - Helen Joy Butler

This ritual has been created to help you close out one part of your life and move on to another, particularly if what you want to leave behind has been stressful, traumatic or difficult in some way.

What might that be?

  • A separation
  • A family drama
  • Saying farewell to your family home
  • Leaving a job you loved (or didn’t love)
  • Stepping into a new chapter of your life
  • Moving to a new town, city or country
  • Or anything you feel called to release, and to start again

I trust that you’ll know when you’re ready to do this ritual.

That you’ll know the perfect time to sit with it, to farewell the past with grace and compassion and move forward with fresh eyes.

That you’ll do it when you’re ready for your new life to emerge from the challenges you’ve faced up until now.

And when you know it’s time to listen to your heart and allow it to guide you.

My hope is that this ritual helps bring light to your life and love to your heart.


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I did the ritual at the new moon. It was actually very simple and really, really effective.

I thought I’d have more trouble with the ‘letting go’ part, given the amount of emotional turmoil I’ve been in, and the struggle I had with the decision to leave here. However, as soon as I started, my Mum came in and ‘sat’ with me, in a spiritual sense. 

I have to say, I wrote a lot, and a lot felt healed and ‘put away’. I’m very ready to move away from here – to the point where I wake up and I don’t know where I am! I’m just using the next three weeks to pack and organise things slowly, no rushing this time, and doing truckloads of sleeping.

I’ve also had some wonderful dreams since doing the ritual, quite spiritual ones which defy online dream interpretation websites, and which can only be personal messages. 

I’m feeling quite at peace with the next stage, and within this transition stage too.”

Emma, who did the ritual before moving from one country to another


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