A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Sanctuary: In Your Home

A Beginner's Guide to Creating Sanctuary: In The Home - Helen Joy Butler

How do you move forward when your home is (mostly) organised, (mostly) decluttered – but still doesn’t feel like a sanctuary to you?

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Sanctuary: In Your Home ebook won’t teach you about interior design or styling.

But it will help you connect with your heart and what truly matters to you – and support you to bring sanctuary into your home in a way that is sustainable and long lasting.

As A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Sanctuary: In Your Home is a companion guide to A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Sanctuary you may like to connect with it first – just pop over here to do that.

In A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Sanctuary: In Your Home I share with you:

  • Why your home is the place to start when it comes to creating sanctuary
  • The importance of bringing sanctuary into your home on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, and what this actually means
  • The seven elements of the My Home Manifesto and how each of them connects with the physical, emotional and spiritual levels when creating sanctuary
  • A deeper exploration of the My Home Manifesto elements, what they actually mean and how to make change in each area that works for you
  • How to create a sanctuary in your home through Space Clearing
  • 80 ways you can create sanctuary in your home, body and life in less than two minutes

By the end of the book you will have a good understanding of how to bring sanctuary into your home in a way that connects deeply with your own heart.

At the end of each section there are a number of questions for you to reflect upon, to help you delve further into your own version of sanctuary in your home.

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Sanctuary: In Your Home ebook is formatted as a PDF document.

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A Beginner's Guide to Creating Sanctuary - Helen Joy Butler


“I was drawn to the concept of sanctuary – first of all the name drew me in. It’s what I’ve been missing in my home. For so many years I’ve lived in my home that is mostly clean and decluttered but lacks colour or anything that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I always thought that it’s because I lack any interior designer skills. For years I looked at many designer books but it was all so overwhelming. So many styles to choose from! When I came upon Helen’s concept of sanctuary it all clicked for me. It makes so much sense! For the first time I now get how I want to decorate my home because Helen’s approach is looking at the feeling of what you love and don’t love. What if I mess up? With Helen’s concept of sanctuary you can’t “mess up”!” Rosa Fariab, USA

“An enormous, heartfelt thank you to my beautiful friend and author Helen Joy Butler for writing A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Sanctuary: In Your Home. Helen’s book is full of simple, straight forward, uncomplicated and practical tips and suggestions for bringing processes of ritual, peace, calmness and tranquility into your day within your home environment. What I love most about Helen’s book is that it has allowed me to give myself ‘permission’ to recognise and acknowledge the ways in which I can bring sanctuary, so readily and easily into what might otherwise be a day of overwhelm. Thank you Helen.”

 Lisa Westcott, Tea at Henry’s

“There was so much supportive and practical help in this book. I both really enjoyed reading and re-reading it – and I learnt a lot. My favourite part was having the system broken down – almost compartmentalising in a world of noise and overwhelm. It made it easier to imagine achieving (sanctuary). Many of the things Helen wrote about I am already interested in, passionate about and doing but there were new takes or angles I hadn’t thought of. It was good to reaffirm what we believe and why we create sanctuary in our home. I’d recommend Helen’s book/s to others definitely! Thank you for the beautiful opportunity to read your work. You’ve done a beautiful job xx.”

Hannah Bennett, founder of Acquired Elements Bespoke Retreats and Coaching

“The second book in this fabulous series is simply perfect for anyone with that little niggling inside that says, ‘I want a home not just a house’. Helen teaches that even some one like me, who moves frequently, can create a sanctuary where I feel nurtured and at peace. A house doesn’t need to be full of stuff to be inviting, it just needs to be somewhere that replenishes my energy and both family and friends feel at ease. The concepts in this book continue to sow the seeds beautifully so your entire being can gradually bloom and you begin to feel that your life is fuller. Thank you Helen for your ongoing guidance and gentle teachings to create sanctuary in my own life.”

Andrea Madden, Synergy Virtual Solutions

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