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Shine Your Light Forward - A Ritual to Release the Past and Embrace The Future - Helen Joy Butler

Shine Your Light Forward – A Ritual to Release the Past and Embrace the Future

This ritual has been created to help you close out one part of your life and move on to another, particularly if what you want to leave behind has been stressful, traumatic or difficult in some way.

My hope is that the ritual helps bring light to your life and love to your heart.

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Sanctuary Through The Chakras - Helen Joy Butler

Sanctuary Through The Chakras

This new way of connecting with Sanctuary guides you on a journey that is truly personal and true for you.

By using the Sanctuary Through The Chakras approach you will create a solid Sanctuary base in your life that will last for many years to come.

Along the way you will weed out Sanctuary ideas that simply aren’t a good fit for you, bringing about more heart connection with what you know is truly important in your life.

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Dream Your Solo Retreat Into Reality

Dream Your (Solo) Retreat Into Reality

The Dream Your (Solo) Retreat Into Reality has been created for you to plan every aspect of your own retreat – whether it’s at home, a few hours away, a weekend, or something much longer.

Over 14 days you’ll truly immerse yourself in your retreat concept – not my retreat concept, not your best friend’s retreat concept, not the media / your mum / a magazine tells you your retreat should be.

YOUR retreat concept.

How delicious does that sound??

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