The Truth About Resilience

January 30, 2020

I discovered this quote by Mark Nepo (again!) as I was flicking through one of my old Happinez magazines. ⁣

I say ‘again’ because I’d underlined Mark’s words the first time I read the magazine, a number of years ago. ⁣


The Missing Ingredient For True Alignment In Your Life

January 23, 2020

Do you ever feel stressed when trying to follow someone else’s recipe toward alignment?

You know, the checklist that – if you do everything perfectly, in the exact way they tell you to – is sure to bring peace and serenity to your life?

I know I do.

Get stressed that is.

Peace and serenity is pretty quickly thrown out the window when I *try* to follow someone else’s recipe.

Why is that, do you think??


2020 Oracle Card Reading – My gift to you

December 19, 2019

Every year for the past five or more years I’ve done an oracle card reading, to wrap up the year that was and step fully into the new year ahead.

These readings have always been powerful. They’ve always been helpful. And they’ve always guided me throughout the year, particularly when I’ve taken the time every now and then to check in with the wisdom that came through when I first did the reading for myself.

In previous years I’ve followed other teachers’ learnings and guidance but something inside me knew that this year I had to create my own. So I sat in meditation and was guided toward a number of questions which really helped me close of 2019 and see 2020 – and the new decade ahead – with fresh eyes.

If you’d like the reading, to help guide you into 2020, I’d love to share it with you!

If you’d like a little more information so you know exactly what you’ll be receiving, please keep reading.

If not, just head on over here to sign up!


Let’s Talk About Creativity For A Moment

December 12, 2019

See this wall hanging?

I made it, for my sister for her (our) birthday.

I am by no means an expert weaver. This is literally only the second ever weaving / wall hanging I’ve ever created.

I did the first one about three years ago when Hubby was really sick and bedridden for two weeks with a hideous virus. I was managing him and our son and everything else (like most women do!) and found I needed to do something to calm myself, so I went out and bought a cheap art canvas, stripped it bare, and created my own loom.


Is It Safe To Use Abalone Shells When Smudging?

November 28, 2019

A few weeks ago we had a conversation in our private Elemental Space Clearing® group about abalone shells and smudging.

I’m a mentor for the group and am often answering questions or providing support as well as learning from the depth of knowledge from other practitioners and students.

One of our lovely members asked a question about abalone shells – and what followed was a really interesting conversation about abalone shells and the role they play in Elemental Space Clearing®.

This conversation was the momentum I needed to write this article and answer the question –

Is It Safe To Use Abalone Shells When Smudging?


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