My weekly ritual to get in the ‘zone’

August 29, 2019

Each Sunday night (or sometimes Monday morning) I spend time exploring what my week ahead looks like. ⁣

I don’t do this the ‘normal’ way, by looking at my diary and seeing what lies ahead (even though I know that’s important and something I will do after this👇🏻). ⁣

Instead I get my (current) two favourite oracle decks, a set of runes + The Book of Runes (scroll down to see a photo!), to see what they have to share with me about the week ahead. ⁣

My process is this. ⁣


Retreat, Broken Noses and Harmony at Home

August 15, 2019
Helen Joy Butler sanctuary quote

Last week while I was away on retreat, chaos reigned at home.

Not ideal right?

I had booked this retreat in many months ago and was *really* looking forward to it.

Six days, meditating, journaling, eating organic whole foods prepared by expert cooks (the best!!), and connecting with like minded people. That for me is Sanctuary right there!

But the Friday before I left, with my bags packed and in the car, I received a phone call from Hubby.

He’d flown down to the snow the day before – and given I was leaving Saturday morning early I had organised Mr 13, stocked the fridge, sorted the dog, all of it. I didn’t need an emergency right now!

But alas, the Universe had other plans!


Why the process to get in the right headspace to do work is just as important as the work itself

August 1, 2019

“The process used to get in the right headspace to do the work is just as important as the work itself.”

I wrote these words in my journal when I was on retreat last year.

I had just done an Akashic Records meditation and was journaling my answers to some questions afterwards, and these words, in part, were what came through.

Take them in for a moment, if you can.

Because in essence what they’re saying is – as a spiritual being having a human experience there is ‘work’ to do to evolve, learn, grow in this lifetime.

But just as importantly, what you do to get yourself in the right frame of mind before you do the work is just as vital.

So let’s break this quote down a little and use an example from my own life.

Writing my next book.


Why ‘being happy’ may be a poor use of your time

July 18, 2019
Helen Joy Butler Bringing Awareness quote

As I was driving to an appointment recently I was thinking about the different emotions I’ve felt over the past week.

Everything from full on happiness and JOY, to the total opposite end of the spectrum – sadness, anger, shame.

And as I thought about these emotions, I got thinking about the concept of ‘being happy’, and whether it was a worthwhile pursuit or not.

Because, you see, I actually don’t think it is. 

At least, I don’t think it’s a good pursuit all of the time.



Are You One Of These “Clairs”? Giving You Permission To Own Your High Sensitivity Super Power

July 4, 2019

If you’ve ever read ‘The Highly Sensitive Person’ by Dr Elaine Aron, she shares an interesting analogy to help explain how HSPs operate in the world.

Why an analogy? Because it’s actually too difficult to explain a complicated innate trait in a few short words!

Dr Aron’s analogy is for the word DOES.


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