Finding Sanctuary Through Today’s New Moon in Leo Energy

July 23, 2017

Sanctuary New Moon Reading and Guidance - Helen Joy ButlerLast time I touched base with you I shared a few changes on the HJB horizon (if you missed them just pop over here), one of them being that I would be in touch with you each New Moon.

Why the New Moon?

In the work I do through Space Clearing, the New Moon is the perfect time to plant seeds for the future, create positive change and manifest your heart’s desires. I only ever do Space Clearings on the New Moon, or close to it, so that I can carry the energy of my client’s intentions throughout the clearing, and to help them move forward with the energy and life they want and deserve.

So by touching base with you each month I am hoping to help you do the same.

In this post you will find information on July’s New Moon as well as my take on it and how it relates to the concept of sanctuary.

There are also five questions for you to reflect upon, to help bring sanctuary into your life during this New Moon phase and to move forward with your own intentions.


How to Connect With Sanctuary (And Keep Going) When You’re Falling Apart

July 20, 2017

Sometimes life gets in the way.

Sometimes we simply can’t keep going – or even feel like sanctuary is a possibility in our lives.

In fact, when things get heavy and hard and overwhelming you may more, often than not, let sanctuary slip away.

What’s the point anyway, right?


Join Me At The Sanctuary New Moon Women’s Circle

July 13, 2017

For quite some time now I’ve been thinking about creating a Women’s Circle.

A place where you can sit in Circle with other women, to connect with what’s important to you in a safe space, and to get and give emotional and spiritual support.

A Circle where everyone was welcome. Where sanctuary, self-love, joy and intention setting were our main focus.

This is why I’ve decided it’s time. Time to start the Sanctuary New Moon Women’s Circle.

Sanctuary New Moon Women's Circle - Helen Joy Butler


Changes Ahead + Last Chance To Join The Sanctuary Creators Tribe

July 6, 2017

Jalalunddin Rumi quote - Helen Joy Butler

I don’t know what’s been going on in your world, but in my world things have been heavy … heavy … heavy.

It kind of feels like I’m coming out the other side of whatever this heaviness is – yet at the same time there’s some residual energy hanging around, making some of my days less than pleasant.

Thankfully it’s school holidays which means that I don’t have to be up and out of the house super early to take Mr 11 to school. With the cooler days finally arriving it’s been nice to hang out in our PJs (sometimes for the whole day!), with us both doing our own thing – but knowing each other is there when it’s time to connect. This connection is certainly helping shift my heavy … and is most likely exactly what I needed to make it happen.

You see, for me, connecting with people I have a heart connection with always helps shift things. Sitting in their energy, simply being, knowing we have each other’s support and love at all times – that’s gold to me.

Sanctuary and Trust – The Tale of Two Friends Who Lost Their Way

June 8, 2017

Helen Joy Butler sanctuary trust quote
Not so long ago a lovely friend betrayed me.

Yes I know that sounds like a contradiction – ‘lovely’ and ‘betray’ really shouldn’t go in the same sentence.

But she was lovely. And I didn’t see the betrayal coming at all – until it did.

And then things spiralled out of control for a little while until, well, the relationship ended.

We didn’t have a screaming match or a rude text conversation or anything like that. There was just an unspoken understanding that the trust between us had been irrevocably shattered. It was inevitable that our relationship moved to the next level (aka the breakup).

It’s interesting isn’t it, when relationships like this come to an end. With hindsight I could see our relationship for what it was, but when I was in the giddy depths of it I felt alive, heard, supported.


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