Finding Sanctuary Through Today’s New Moon In Virgo Energy

September 20, 2017

Sanctuary New Moon Reading and Guidance - Helen Joy Butler

Today we have another beautiful New Moon, this time in Virgo.

So what does this energy bring us and how does it impact our ability to connect with sanctuary over the next 28 days?

Last month I introduced my lovely friend Josephine Corcoran, Holistic Executive Coach to you. In this Sanctuary New Moon Reading and Guidance article Josephine shares her astrology expertise, what this New Moon looks like and the effects its energy may have on us over the next 28 days. I then take this information and share with you how you can use it to move closer to your own version of sanctuary. This is a great blend of science and intuition, and is something both Josephine and I hope you love as much as we do!

Josephine Corcoran Holistic Executive Coach and Helen Joy Butler Intuitive Professional Organiser and Elemental Space Clearer

So let’s dive straight into this month’s Sanctuary New Moon Reading and Guidance.



Sanctuary Is Inner Peace: A Case Study

September 14, 2017

Sanctuary for me is inner peace - Case Study - Helen Joy Butler

Throughout August I received a lot of guidance on the direction of my business. You know the kind where ideas pop into your head and you ask yourself “Why haven’t I thought of that before?”.

One of the pieces of guidance I received was to share case studies on the concept of sanctuary from all sorts of people using it in their own lives. People who are beginners on the journey, some who have taken the journey with me for a while, and some who have been slowly working behind the scenes on sanctuary without my knowledge (but who I managed to track down!).

So over the coming months I will be sharing the stories of real life people with you and how sanctuary has shown up in their own lives – to help you connect with your own sanctuary journey through theirs.

So let’s get started with our first case study.

The lovely Irene.

Irene is a 42 year old mother to a gorgeous five year old.

She lives in the UK and is a Mumpreneur in the making who is currently going through divorce.

Sanctuary for Irene is inner peace.


Sanctuary Sunday Chat – What Does The Concept Of Sanctuary Even Mean?

September 7, 2017

Helen Joy Butler - Concept of Gratitude and Sanctuary quote

Earlier this year I started Sanctuary Sundays, a live chat on my Facebook page where I talk all about sanctuary. It’s a short, sharp chat to help you move closer to sanctuary in your home, your body, your life, in practical, emotional and spiritual ways.

I had taken a hiatus for a few months but last Sunday I was back doing Sanctuary Sunday, answering the question:

“What does the concept of sanctuary even mean?”


Why Sharing Your Story Isn’t An Insane Thing To Do (and what it’s got to do with sanctuary)

August 31, 2017

Helen Joy Butler - Change by being ourselves quote

Last week I spent three days in Sydney, speaking at and attending the AusMumpreneur Conference and Awards. It was a lovely time of connection, learning, creating and expanding dreams once thought impossible, not just for me but for many of the beautiful women attending.

I had the incredible opportunity to stand up in front of all of the delegates and share my story. My story of breakdowns and breakthroughs, some of the challenges I’ve faced over the past ten years and how I moved through them to, ultimately, create, nurture and expand on my own personal relationship with sanctuary.

And how I took my sanctuary message, knowing how much of a difference it truly can make, and shared it with the world.

Helen Joy Butler - Speaking at AusMumpreneur Conference 2017

As I presented to the group I became aware of an interesting energy in the room.

It started off like a small trickle, with one lady in the middle of the auditorium starting the surge.

By halfway through my presentation the trickle had become huge rain drops, like at the start of a heavy tropical storm, which had moved to another lady on the aisle, and then a group of women at the front of the room, and then the ladies at the back.

Toward the end of my presentation the small trickle had morphed into an entire river, with a sea of faces looking at me, nodding, aha-ing, fully absorbed in the words I was sharing.

To witness this shift of energy – from my vantage point at the podium – was incredible and truly powerful.

But it wasn’t until further into the Conference – during the lunch break, the evening events and on the second day – that I realised my story had stuck a chord.


Finding Sanctuary Through Today’s New Moon In Leo Energy (Plus it’s a Total Solar Eclipse)

August 22, 2017

Sanctuary New Moon Reading and Guidance - Helen Joy Butler

Last month I ramped things up a bit on the HJB blog, bringing you the first Sanctuary New Moon Reading and Guidance article (pop over here if you’d like to read it).

Today I’m ramping it up another notch!

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