Finding Sanctuary Through Today’s New Moon In Aquarius Energy

February 16, 2018

Sanctuary New Moon Reading and Guidance - Helen Joy Butler


So what does this energy bring us and how does it impact our ability to connect with sanctuary over the next 28 days?

Last year I introduced you to my lovely friend JOSEPHINE CORCORAN, HOLISTIC EXECUTIVE COACH. In the Sanctuary New Moon Reading and Guidance articles Josephine shares her astrology expertise, what this New Moon looks like and the effects its energy may have on us over the next 28 days. I then take this information and share with you how you can use it to move closer to your own version of sanctuary. This is a great blend of science and intuition, and is something both Josephine and I hope you love as much as we do!

Josephine Corcoran Holistic Executive Coach and Helen Joy Butler Intuitive Professional Organiser and Elemental Space Clearer

So let’s dive straight into this month’s Sanctuary New Moon Reading and Guidance.



Everything you need to know about the Sanctuary Creators Retreat is right here!

February 15, 2018

Sanctuary Creators Retreat - Helen Joy Butler

Four Day Residential Retreat, 17-20 May 2018

At the Sanctuary Creators Retreat there will be learnings and you will most likely take notes, but my hope is that you will leave the retreat with much more than a journal full of words.

My hope is that you will return home with a deeper connection and understanding of yourself and the importance of sanctuary in your life.

My hope is that you will make lifelong friends who willingly open their heart to you, who are there to support you once you’ve returned home – and that you gift them the same in return.

My hope is that you will leave the retreat relaxed, well fed and energised.

This four-day retreat will suit everyone no matter where they are on their sanctuary journey.

What makes this retreat special?


Why would you want to come on the Sanctuary Creators Retreat?

February 12, 2018

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creators Retreat quote

Last week I shared with the world the Sanctuary Creators Retreat. Did you see it?

The Retreat is something I’ve been dreaming into reality for some time – and 2018 is the year for it!

But there’s a super important part of the process that I don’t want you to miss out on – and that’s getting your Expression of Interest into me by this Friday, 16 February.

Why this Friday?

So I can look through all of the applications and contact the ladies joining us on Monday – to set the wheels in motion ahead of the retreat in May.

So why would you want to come on the Sanctuary Creators Retreat?


Is connecting with sanctuary something you’d like to do this year? Join me at the Sanctuary Creators Retreat!

February 8, 2018

Sanctuary Creators Retreat - Helen Joy Butler

Four Day Residential Retreat, 17-20 May 2018

I am BEYOND excited to share the Sanctuary Creators Retreat with you!

This retreat is something I’ve been dreaming into reality for a number of years now. Toward the end of last year I knew in my heart it was time – and like all things once they’re meant to happen, everything fell into place!

I checked my diary and chose dates that felt right.

I looked online and asked friends and colleagues if they could recommend a venue – and the perfect one found me within days!

I asked my Tribe members and in other groups I’m a part of if people would like to go on the “find out about the retreat first list” – and names flooded in!

And now here it is!


So let me share it all with you!

Super important: If creating sanctuary at this retreat resonates with you please make sure I receive your Expression of Interest by 17 February 2018 at the latest! All the details about that are at the bottom of this post.


Will you join me in the Sanctuary Creators Tribe? Doors close in three days!

February 1, 2018

One thing I know for sure about creating sanctuary is that it’s easier when you’ve got a cheer squad on your side.

Yes that can be your partner, your friend, your children, your work colleagues. But sometimes it comes in the form of other people you haven’t met but who can be your strongest advocate yet.

This is what I observed in the Sanctuary Creators Tribe last year. Women who were ready to make some sense of the chaos going on in their lives – and openly sharing and supporting others on their journey. It truly was beautiful to witness.

This Sunday, 4 February, the Sanctuary Creators Tribe doors will close for another 12 months.

This may not feel like such a big thing right now but what I know from last year is that women wanted to join the Tribe in April, August, October … and they couldn’t. Because the doors were closed and I needed to respect the sacred space the Tribe members and I had created throughout the year.

To help you decide whether the Sanctuary Creators Tribe is for you this year I did a Facebook Live chat, to answer questions and share my thoughts in a way that was much less formal than words on a page (don’t worry, you don’t need to be on Facebook to watch it).


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