Why My Solo Retreat Nearly Didn’t Happen (plus photos!)

August 16, 2018

Helen Joy Butler - Solo retreat in pictures quote

Just over a month ago I took myself off on a solo retreat.

To be honest, the ‘solo’ part of my retreat nearly didn’t happen.

You see, I had booked myself a week away at a gorgeous converted barn just outside Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast. My plan was to stay put for the first three days to sleep, get some deep rest, meditate, journal – and then, hopefully rejuvenated, head out and explore the world a little, before returning to my lovely farm stay in the evenings.

But four days before I was to go I was certain the ‘solo’ bit wouldn’t happen.


Finding Sanctuary Through Saturday’s New Moon In Leo

August 9, 2018

Sanctuary New Moon Reading and Guidance - Helen Joy Butler


Twelve months ago I started writing the Sanctuary New Moon Reading and Guidance articles. In that first article I scoured the internet for information on the New Moon and, in turn, created something I’d never seen before – an article with a beautiful connection of Astrology and Sanctuary, to help the reader connect with the New Moon energies and what that might mean from a Sanctuary perspective.

After that first blog, when I knew there was something in it, I asked my gorgeous friend Josephine Corcoran, who happens to be an Astrology expert, if she’d be interested in collaborating with me on them – and thankfully she said yes! I am forever grateful for the guidance Josephine gives me each month – so I can create my own guidance for you from our combined wisdom.

Over the past twelve months there’s been an increase in readership and interest in what’s been shared in these articles, and for that I am forever grateful.

So from Josephine and I – thank you for taking the time to connect with these messages each and every month. It really does mean the world to us.

Helen Joy Butler - Your, Home, Your Heart, Your Sanctuary


So what does this energy bring us and how does it impact our ability to connect with sanctuary over the next 28 days?

Today my gorgeous friend JOSEPHINE CORCORAN, HOLISTIC EXECUTIVE COACH shares her astrological expertise, to help us understand what’s going on in the stars with this Leo New Moon; and I share my thoughts on how this New Moon energy might impact us on a Sanctuary level.

Josephine Corcoran Holistic Executive Coach and Helen Joy Butler Intuitive Professional Organiser and Elemental Space Clearer

So let’s dive straight in!



Creating Sanctuary in Your Home, Body and Life + Getting the Most Out Of Your Space Clearing Efforts

August 2, 2018

Sanctuary Tips and Tricks with Helen Joy Butler

Each week on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM I share #TipTuesday. In these posts I share practical advice on everything Sanctuary – including practical, emotional and spiritual advice, to help you move forward with Sanctuary in your home, body and life.

These posts are often quite long and I thought they’d be great to share here with you in case you missed them. And let’s face it, things move rather quickly on social media and you may not have seen them fly by!


  • Create Sanctuary in your Home, Body and Life
  • Get the most of your own Space Clearing efforts
  • Share a range of different Space Clearing tools (you may be surprised with what you can use!)

So let’s jump in!

How Elemental Space Clearing® Can Help You Sell Your Home

July 26, 2018

Helen Joy Butler - Elemental Space Clearing® to sell your home quote

Have you ever wondered if there’s another way to help sell your home?

Particularly if it looks amazing, you’ve done everything your real estate agent has asked you to – and it’s still not moving?

I am SUPER excited with where my Space Clearing has taken me this year – and because of this I wanted to share some of my client’s stories with you. All of these stories relate to clients where I’ve done a Distance Space Clearing to help them sell their property.

So what does this actually mean?

My lovely client and I connected online and over email, and in one case over Skype, for me to learn about them, their home, their family, and what they were hoping to attract into their lives – but I didn’t actually visit their home or step inside it to do the Clearing.

Is the only time you can do a Space Clearing while selling your home? Definitely not! There are some other ideas in this article if you’re interested.

So what are some of my client home selling stories, following a Space Clearing?

Let’s go!


Something Magical Is Happening At September’s New Moon Women’s Circle!

July 19, 2018

Helen Joy Butler - Something Magical happening at the September Sanctuary New Moon Women's Circle

This September for the Sanctuary New Moon Women’s Circle I’m mixing it up a bit!

As well as the usual New Moon Circle I’ve invited my friend Colleen to run an Introduction to Access Bars® workshop for us beforehand.

(More info on what this actually means is below!).

If we get STACKS of interest we will run the Circle and workshop on Sunday as usual (the 9th of September) as well as Saturday 8th September. Time will tell – but if you’re as excited about this lovely time of connection as we are, I think we will be!

Oh, and there will be door prizes! Three in fact, valued at $120 each. This is just a little something from Colleen and I to help you continue the journey once the Circle and workshop are over.

So what does this magical day look like?


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