Sanctuary Is Ease: A Case Study

November 23, 2017

Sanctuary for me is ease

Over the coming months I will be sharing the stories of real life people with you and how sanctuary has shown up in their own lives – to help you connect with your own sanctuary journey through theirs.

So far I’ve shared IRENE’s and Cherie’s stories with you. Today I’d like to share with you


Jessie is a mum of beautiful girls, who bring so much joy to her life, minus the lack of sleep!

She loves quiet coffee shops, learning and being inspired by her environment, her gardens and endless shelves of books.

Sanctuary for Jessie is ease.


Finding Sanctuary Through Saturday’s New Moon In Scorpio Energy

November 16, 2017

Sanctuary New Moon Reading and Guidance - Helen Joy Butler
This Saturday we have a beautiful New Moon in Scorpio.

So what does this energy bring us and how does it impact our ability to connect with sanctuary over the next 28 days?

A few months ago introduced you to my lovely friend JOSEPHINE CORCORAN, HOLISTIC EXECUTIVE COACH. In the Sanctuary New Moon Reading and Guidance articles Josephine shares her astrology expertise, what this New Moon looks like and the effects its energy may have on us over the next 28 days. I then take this information and share with you how you can use it to move closer to your own version of sanctuary. This is a great blend of science and intuition, and is something both Josephine and I hope you love as much as we do!

Josephine Corcoran Holistic Executive Coach and Helen Joy Butler Intuitive Professional Organiser and Elemental Space Clearer

So let’s dive straight into this month’s Sanctuary New Moon Reading and Guidance.

It’s Here! The Joy Journal + Sanctuary Creators Tribe in 2018

November 9, 2017

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Tribe quote

This year has been one of growth for many people I know.

For a year that was supposed to be a little easier than the last, it’s certainly had its fair share of challenges!

But one thing I know for sure is that most of us now stand where we are in our lives a little stronger, a little more focused, a little more knowing of what it is we truly want in our lives.

If you’ve been watching from afar you would know that this year I ran the Sanctuary Creators Tribe for the first time. This Tribe was a lovely group of women who allowed me into their lives, to share my inner knowing around the concept of sanctuary and how it could make a difference in their lives. To see the growth in these ladies and to observe their relationship with sanctuary has truly been a blessing.

And so it is – with jumping out of my skin excitement! – that I share with you the direction the Sanctuary Creators Tribe will be taking in 2018.

And to extend an invitation to you to join us, if it resonates, no matter which option takes your fancy.

Yes because you see, this year there are options!

Three in fact – plus a “I’m just putting it out there” fourth option!

So if you know that sanctuary is something you need more of in your busy life please take some time to explore the options below.


Ten Ways To Bring About Sanctuary That You May Not Have Thought Of

November 2, 2017

Helen Joy Butler - Get off the highway quote
Quite often – when we think of sanctuary – we think of the small things we can do each and every day to bring more nurturing, compassion, connection, joy into our life.

I know this was part of where I started on my sanctuary journey (you can read more about it here and here) but I also knew the importance of the larger elements in my life and how they impacted my sense of sanctuary.

You know what I mean?

Those life decisions, those big questions that needed answering, that were buried deep inside. That needed time to bubble to the surface so the answers could appear and I could do something about them.

So this got me thinking.

What were some of the BIG things that can help us all bring more sanctuary into our lives – that are fun, joyful and connect us with our true purpose in this life?

Here are ten ways that can make a massive difference!


What the House of Dior taught me about Sanctuary

October 26, 2017

Helen Joy Butler - Mastery quote

On Monday I made I quick trip to Melbourne to see the House of Dior exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. I’m not an avid Dior fan but I am a huge fan of clothes, beauty and the incredible design skills of a Master of their trade.

The idea of this trip came about when I saw an article about the exhibition in a magazine on a flight to Sydney in August. I took a photo of the article and sent it to Hubby before the plane took off, proposing a trip to Melbourne so I could see it. By the time my plane had landed Hubby had replied to my text and said “Definitely! Let’s make a weekend of it!”.

Fast forward to today and I find myself back home after a solo trip to Melbourne earlier this week.

Why solo?

Well in reality it’s what the Universe obviously wanted me to do, but from a practical perspective those were the only two days that worked in my diary before the exhibition finished.

On Monday night, from my hotel room, I shared this with the Sanctuary Creators Tribe, about my visit to the Dior exhibition.


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