Do you have an Angel in your life?

March 26, 2020

Do you have a real life Angel in your life?

I have two.

My bookkeeper Bec, who I’m always calling Angel Bec. She makes things SO easy for me and never makes me feel like any question I ask is too small or ridiculous.

And my hairdresser Libby, who also moonlights as a nurse.

Libby’s in her early 60s and has been a hairdresser her whole life. A few years ago Libby took herself off to University to study nursing, and now she balances (juggles??) the two.

Libby’s also an incredibly wise, spiritual woman. We’ve had conversations you wouldn’t believe – as I’m sure many other clients have had with her as well.


What I do each day to clear my energy field

March 19, 2020
Helen Joy Butler Clearing my energy field quote

Each morning I do something to clear my energy field, feel into the sacred geometry within and around me, to set myself up for the day. ⁣⁣


To create a clear energetic container for my body; to ground myself; to remove any energetic debris in my field; and of course to feel good!⁣⁣

Today I used sage, but I don’t always. ⁣⁣


The ‘Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality’ Podcast Is HERE!!!

March 12, 2020

Oh my gosh! Today is a MASSIVE day in my world!

A project I’ve been actively working on for many months (and passively for much longer!) has been birthed!

Like any birth, the creation of the Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality with Helen Joy Butler podcast has been an amazing journey of growth, challenges, and everything in between!

But here we are – today! – and my baby is now out in the world for all to see!

To celebrate I have two things to share with you!


What Is True Love?

March 5, 2020
Helen Joy Butler, Sanctuary Creator

I was thinking about this photo recently – specifically the words on the front of my T-shirt.

As I sat with my mind, I asked the question “What is true love?”.

The answer that landed – which clearly came from somewhere else other than my head! – was

“True love is a connection with your Soul that is so deep and unique to your individual and personal human experience it can’t be broken”.

Right then.

So as you may expect – or I hope you would have done if you were having this conversation! – I asked the next logical question.

“If it can’t be broken, why do many people feel broken? And is there anything we can do to mend it?”

The answer?


Reading The Signs From The Universe – Sharing An Example With You From My Own Life

February 6, 2020

Do you know how to read signs from the Universe?

You know, those little messages from your spirit team that help point you in the right direction in all sorts of areas of your life?

Many of us are too stuck in our heads to even notice these super subtle signs. But if you get present enough – and importantly out of your head and into your heart – you’ll notice them all the time!

Yes it takes practice but once you start to bring your awareness back into your body you’ll see them for sure!

Here’s a little example that happened to me recently!


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