An Extremely Important Apology

September 26, 2019

In my last newsletter to the Sanctuary Creators Tribe + in a blog I shared on my website (which has now been removed) I spoke about spiritual awareness and psychic awakening, and shared a definition of each with you.

It is with deep sadness that I acknowledge that I was extremely remiss in not acknowledging correctly the source of that definition.

I have been a follower, student and friend of Nicole Cody, Psychic, Intuitive, Channel and Metaphysical Teacher for nearly a decade. I credit Nicole for helping bring me back to centre when I was lost, confused, without hope. So when I was looking for a definition to share with you, Nicole was my only go-to for the information I was looking for.

Nicole wrote a blog on her Cauldrons and Cupcakes blog on July 3, 2019 called “Need Help To Navigate Your Psychic Awakening?”. It was from this blog post I found the definitions for psychic awakening and spiritual awareness, and shared it with you using only the word ‘source’ as a reference.


It’s not good enough for me to share someone else’s work with you without fully and comprehensively referencing it.

It’s not good enough for me to talk about showing up with authenticity and in your truth when I didn’t do that myself.

It’s not good enough for me to keep this to myself and not acknowledge my error publicly.

It’s not good enough for me to dismiss the pain (I’m guessing) I caused Nicole and her team, and for her to have to reach out to me about it.

It’s not good enough.

So it is with deep sadness I acknowledge that I made a mistake. I live my life trying not to make them but in this instance I did, and I’m truly sorry. To you, and most importantly to Nicole.

With much love,

Helen xx

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator, Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner and #HSP Warrior


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